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Topic, New Contest Coming!

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gamelover101 5 years ago
  jasper, we know UR anxious to make a contest, but it's a good ideas to leave it to the admins
jasperpostema 5 years ago
  Missed what? I'm very good. I can prove it. My name is jasperpostema moreover...
gameinsky 5 years ago
  I trashed it because I don't think Jasper is experienced enough to make them, it had no rules inside it and missed many things too.
jasperpostema 5 years ago
  Wow, JP is really good!
Elizea 5 years ago
  Just wait for JPs opinion and I'll host it, we aren't sure even what contest we will have.
jasperpostema 5 years ago
  Yes, I made
Ahroo 5 years ago
  jasperpostema made the topic. :/

EDIT: where'd it go? O_O
jasperpostema 5 years ago
  I will make the contest, gameinsky. That sounds funny.
gameinsky 5 years ago
  3D so ?
Who makes the contest ?
THeNiNJa 5 years ago
  It is possible to make a lot of 3D simulations... As well as fully functioning 3D - though that would take forever and be very laggy.
jasperpostema 5 years ago
  Vote for the Summer Pack 2010 Contest
gameinsky 5 years ago
  Perspective, happy now, Im ?
Ahroo 5 years ago
  exactly what I was saying, you need to think more. -_-

Not that I'm able to make such a level, perhaps DY could. xD
Im 5 years ago
  I said fully functioning 3D.
Ahroo 5 years ago
  hmm... it IS possible, you just need to think more. :/

Boulder sizes can be changed to simulate distance, you could get Sillius to make diagonal invisible lines. :/
Im 5 years ago
  You do realize it's impossible to make fully functioning 3D in any of the approved games, right?
So the correct term wouldn't be 3D.
gameinsky 5 years ago
  3D contest ? Why not :)
SimonM 5 years ago
  That would be nice
Im 5 years ago
  Make a 3D game, then we'll have it.
Hexicube 5 years ago
  3D contest :)
Im 5 years ago
  Make-the-hardest-level contest would be nice.
Elizea 5 years ago
  New contest would be nice, olympics contest ended few months ago =]

What about new collab contest, or music contest (level based on a song)? =]
Ahroo 5 years ago
  Exactly! 8D

Quite clever, isn't it? xD
Sillius 5 years ago
  The Hog in Severed Mind is the one from Hog Pop :D
RT was followed by Hog Pop and the hog moves a bit like the one i Hog Pop... Therefore it's a BL mixup :D
Im 5 years ago
  Huh!? What? O_O
Ahroo 5 years ago
  ahh... Hog Pop!

Clever, but hard to see. xD
Im 5 years ago
  Err... Severed Mind is a BL mix-up level? o_O
Bruno-heey 5 years ago
  erm... no

demonicyoshi 5 years ago
  i guess you guys skipped the Bl mix-up because you knew i would have won with severed mind...
Im 5 years ago
  I disagree. I don't think the winner should host it.

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oh_bebe 6 years ago
  There has been a lot of ideas lately for a new competition, but there can only be one going on at a time. Vote for your favorite idea or discuss new ideas for a contest.
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