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jasperpostema 4 years ago
Ahroo 4 years ago
  *coughyesitiscough* xP
jasperpostema 4 years ago
  lYes, good idea. And Remix is a very little bit copying. And Mirror isn't copying too
Ahroo 4 years ago

Quoting Jasperpostema:
"I don't understand you think MIRROR is just copying levels. But you all don't say that about the REMIX contest!"

Remix contest is taking an old level and making it BETTER, which could make it a widely different level in BG, challenge, style, complexity or all of those... :/

It's just a boredom scheme, anyways. xP

Anyways, I maed another contest idea!

Puppet contest
A contest of levels where the turtle controls something (e.g. Hedgehog in Severed Mind, Plane in Pilot Turtle, Atom Chopper in the BL Bomber series, etc...). :D
jasperpostema 4 years ago
  Yes Daft Puck, from AllyAlly. Space is her newest idea.

I like these contest:
allyally 4 years ago
Daft_Punk 4 years ago
  @JasperP: Music contest?

I like these contests:
jasperpostema 4 years ago

PS: I don't understand you think MIRROR is just copying levels. But you all don't say that about the REMIX contest!
Magic_X 4 years ago
  @Joe45: I would love to have a warping contest! I'm working on Magick 2 and i could enter that and the original Magick! XD

Oh, and i would also like to have an auto contest. It would give me an excuse to make one! :D
jasperpostema 4 years ago
  Maybe, but ther are a thousand themes for a contest, so...
Shiro 4 years ago
  I think there shouldn't be any contest for a while now.
Else they wont be special anymore.
jasperpostema 4 years ago
  Ok, you're right. Only promote, no mirror contest. But I have a new idea, what about a DREAM CONTEST. I mean you make a Dream Level with a dream theme...
joe45 4 years ago
  How about a "No PATH" contest? You can't use PATHS at all!
jasperpostema 4 years ago
  Ok Ferrari, de maat is vol! You make me ill!
Ferrari12 4 years ago
  Jasperpostema: It depends on the auto. And I can't say if your level is good or not because I'm rubbish at playing Push. But I have a challenge for you: Make an exiting, mirrored JG2 level, it's not possible.'s still unoriginal D:

Allyally: I like your idea :D

Elizea: I'm one of them
allyally 4 years ago
  OR... (idea), a space contest... There's been quite a few levels made on Space, as (as its space) there are endless possibilities, making a good variation on the levels submitted, IE; a good contest,
SuperDog 4 years ago
  I have a question. Are we having an Easter and/or Christmas contest 2010?

O_o! Maybe a snake contest. Or a highscore fight contest(jk).
jasperpostema 4 years ago
  And AUTO CONTEST IS BORING! You Don't do anything, that's just boring. I prove mirror isn't boring! chain chomp mirror (Push)
Ahroo 4 years ago
  I know how to make warps... :/
joe45 4 years ago
  I thought you would say that.
Elizea 4 years ago
  Everyone doesn't how to make warps, and you can't make warps in all of the games.
joe45 4 years ago
  How about a contest that uses warping?

The levels could be like this, Magick (Rolling Turtle) or Penetration (Rolling Turtle).
Ferrari12 4 years ago
  I know. Apparently Jasperpostema doesn't think so
gameinsky 4 years ago
  autos are not always boring.
Sometimes they are, but some player achieved to make good auto's (paragon, a world of magic, unlucky hog/turtle chatic rift etc...)
Ferrari12 4 years ago
  Jasperpostema: Don't take it personal but I don't want a mirror contest.

And 3 hours ago you posted: "AUTO CONTEST it's a good theme if the auto's are long, beautiful and risky". As I've said before tha auto have to be really good to be fun.

Also, if you think that I think my ideas are much better than everyone elses ideas,you're wrong, actually there's three contest ideas I like better.
MarioIsFireball10 4 years ago
  How about Half-Mirror? It's like Mirror levels,but with a difference.
jasperpostema 4 years ago
  Ok, ferrari12 and AllyAlly, if I can see Mirror isn't boring and unoriginal, you vote a MAYBE?

And Auto COntest is boring, you don't do anything!
Ferrari12 4 years ago
  3D contest: Gets my vote
Collab contest: Sounds great.
Music contest: I don't think it'll work that well
Auto contest: Could be, although autos that's not very good can be very boring.
Tuto contest: Don't think this'll work that well either.
Background contest: I think good bg-levels are really facinating, though, as allyally said, it's completly pointless.
Mirror contest: Unfortunately ir's unoriginal and boring
Remix contest: Maybe
Ahroo 4 years ago
  ... = RT falling into space. xP
allyally 4 years ago
  I admit it would be tricky to make, but I think it would be a good theme for a contest, and if music levels are low, then thats because there not made properly. And I still think Mirroring is a rubbish theme,

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oh_bebe 5 years ago
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