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Topic, New Contest Coming!

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SimonM 3 years ago
  I vote for exploration
gameinsky 3 years ago
  Are we going to vote for a contest leader this time ?????
Oh, and I like the exploration contest.
AK 3 years ago
  I like winter (of course), but I also like exploration.....

Crush is busy, I think host is between Allyally, Gameinsky, Elizea, Ferrari, and Gundu.

My vote stands for Gundu because you don't need a good computer to control a contest, just to play levels.

And Crush voted for Ferrari.

Ferrari12 1
Gundu 1

Oh yes....

Winter 2
Storyline 2
Song 1
Time Travel 1
Exploration 1
Simple 1 [but needs revision]
gamelover101 3 years ago
  My favourite ones are the time travel and winter contests...

g2g now...
joe45 3 years ago
  I like the Simple contest idea, except I think it could be 1 solid line, and 1 certain BG line.
chris3000 3 years ago
  I like the storyline contest, but i'll let you guys decide which one is best
demonicyoshi 3 years ago
  Simple contest- make a level with only 1 type of line.

exploration contest- Epicness
Magic_X 3 years ago
  I kinda like the song one. And the storyline.
gameinsky 3 years ago
  No but seriousely, what would you like as new contest ? JP is impatientous ;)

Suggested ideas:
Storyline contest
Time travel contest.
Level based of a song contest.
Winter contest.
AK 3 years ago
  GIS, I never said anything like that. Chris said that, not me.

chris3000 16 hours ago
lol, GIS needs a break from hosting

OK, Ferrari....

6.Crush 1

Crush is one of my best friends, you may not think of him as very good on BL but look at his rating power. I'll call him and get him back on here if he wins.
Ferrari12 3 years ago
  Oh so that's a URL! You see, I'm no good at computer language :/
gameinsky 3 years ago
  Making url's is very easy :).

[lvlid= *insert lvl id here with the spaces removed]
How to find the lvlid: On top of the page, the link, or on the left side, just above the comments.
Ferrari12 3 years ago
  Crap, I can't make URLs :(

Then it's you or Ally?
gameinsky 3 years ago
  The contest leader must, I think, have those capacities:
Good grammar and spelling.
Keep track of the entries.
Makes sure everything goes fair.
Must make the (good) rules.
Must have a good taste of levels.
knows how to make url's.
Ferrari12 3 years ago
  AK: I can see you want Gundu to lead your contest. And as it says he can reject entries, but I don't think that's a good idea as he said in P4M that his computer has an awful amount lag. I suggest you choose someone with a computer that's not very laggy, I suggest you might have Allyally as your leader. I really don't have any idea who has a laggy computer and not, but that was just the first person I could think of that weren't GIS (Has another task, but he can if he wants IMO), Elizea (Says he's playing WoW and therefor isn't active), Shiro (Inactive) and Gundu (Virus on computer).I can also be contest leader if you want, but if you want someone else, that's ok. However my pc always let me start a level and almost never lag. Not even my Man Made Marvels lag here!!! But it's all up to you.

About the theme, personally I prefer a BG contest, a new Collab Contest or a Real World Contest (Levels that mimic the real world, could be structures, jungles, waterfalls, sapce travel or anything else related to the real world.
Daft_Punk 3 years ago
  And it was still a very nice level!
gameinsky 3 years ago
  I have a level called feeling good inc without actually being inspired by the song xD
Magic_X 3 years ago
  I like rocky's idea xD
"Level inspired by 'Feel Good Inc.' - Turtle avoiding insane laughing people."
gameinsky 3 years ago
  I may ask you, AK, who gave YOU leadership about the next contest anyways ?
And stop saying I need to stop hosting contests, I didn't host any.
gamelover101 3 years ago
  Srsly, how should I know? I rarely join or vote in a contest!
chris3000 3 years ago
  good night AK, i'm going to bed too
gamelover101 3 years ago
  What wrong topic? :_
AK 3 years ago
  Wrong topic, GL101. And didn't you notice the :D?

Can you vote pleeeeeeease? Oh, and check your inbox. ;)

Going to bed. Good night everyone!
gamelover101 3 years ago
  And you say you want gis to delete unhelpful and hurtful comments. Well saying shut up was hurtful!
AK 3 years ago
  GL1O1, no. :D

GIS is fine with this. Who do you vote for Contest Leader? If no one votes it'll be Gundu.
gamelover101 3 years ago
  Your posts aren't helping either. Quote: And who gave YOU leadership over contests?

He isn't being selfish. He has the right to lead contests...
AK 3 years ago
  This isn't helping, I NEED VOTES!!!
chris3000 3 years ago
  lol, GIS needs a break from hosting
rocky 3 years ago
  For example:

Level inspired by "Feel Good Inc." - Turtle avoiding insane laughing people.

Elizea 3 years ago
  I don't know how to make songs in games, but I definitely know how you can get inspired by them.

BonusLevel website and API

First post of the topic

oh_bebe 5 years ago
  There has been a lot of ideas lately for a new competition, but there can only be one going on at a time. Vote for your favorite idea or discuss new ideas for a contest.
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