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Topic, New Contest Coming!

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SuperMario 3 years ago
  Ummmm... yeah, It's a good idea
jasperpostema 3 years ago
  Yeah, for example JG2 or Path4Mouse
azz 3 years ago
  Elecric contest!
Make a level about elctric and power!
MarioIsFireball10 3 years ago
  I'll bring up the list again.

-Nature Contest=Make a level in some part of nature, such as a forest.

-Auto Contest= Self-explainatory.

-Mirror Contest= What Jasper said.

-Cave Contest= Make a level inside or about a cave.

-Mountain Contest= See above.

-Wildlife Contest= Make a level about wildlife.

-8-Bit Contest= Make an 8-bit level.

-Video Game Contest=Make a game about or in a video game.

-Castle Contest= Make a level about a castle.
jasperpostema 3 years ago
  Mirror COntest= Make a mirror-themed level, not mirror a level
Puzzle COntest= also riddles
Nature Conetst= Good BG
Quadrilogy Contest: just a joke
Elemental Conmtest=
birjolaxew 3 years ago
  Mirror Contest: Wait, what? Mirror? When was this possible? If you're talking about mirroring the level, restricting designers to something that detailed simply will ruin everything.

Puzzle Contest: No, no and no. Still restricts the designers to either specific games, or very, very few concepts/ideas for the others.

Nature Contest: I suppose this could work...

Quadrilogy Contest: No... Contest aren't supposed to have 4 levels pr. submitter...

Elemental Contest: What? Seriously, what? You talking about having magic 'n' shizz? Restricts the maker far too much... Again...

Have themes, not rules.
MarioIsFireball10 3 years ago

Nature and Auto. 'Nuff said.
jasperpostema 3 years ago
  Mirror Contest
Puzzle Contest
Nature Contest
Quadrilogy Contest :P
Elemental Contest

Some of my idea's. But what do YOU think?
Ferrari12 3 years ago
  I think we should keep the 3 votes system.
gameinsky 3 years ago
  Birjo, his actual vote is the first place level.
first place is 3 points, second place is 2 points and third place is 1 point.

And I made up the voting system so people would vote more levels and the creators would see that their level is still good.
gundu 3 years ago
  Or just vote 3 levels but worthing only 1 point each
birjolaxew 3 years ago
  Honestly, no. The 3 votes system just makes it difficult to judge; when a player votes for 3 levels, which one is his actual vote? Shouldn't each level he voted for get a certain amount of points in the voting system, so that two 3. places are worse than two 1. places, while 50 3. places are better than 1. first place (just examples, of course)?

It would be a lot easier to just vote for a single level.
MarioIsFireball10 3 years ago
  GIS, I think it's OK, but I like the classic voting system more.
chris3000 3 years ago
  I wonder what the next contest will be.
gameinsky 3 years ago
  Question: Is the 3 votes system a good system ?
If yes, we will use it for future contests.
MarioIsFireball10 3 years ago
  Since the space contest is officially over (the winner is Lunar Terrain (Rolling Turtle),congrats, demonicyoshi.), we should think of more ideas now. I will place the ideas in the list down there.|


-Nature Contest(MY IDEA)
-Auto Contest(MY IDEA)
-Mirror Contest
-Cave Contest
-Mountain Contest
-Wildlife Contest
-8-Bit Contest (MY IDEA)
-Video Game Contest (MY IDEA)
-Castle Contest

So...uh....just give some ideas.

[NOTE: This is a copy of another topic. I just needed to bring it here. The voting has begun. Vote now.]
SuperDog 3 years ago
  I have 2 ideas:

• Easter Contest(For Easter)

• Pack Contest

Of course, I mean after the Exploration Contest
gameinsky 3 years ago
  I think the winner is decided, exploration contest it will be!
(I don't think it's a good idea to vote for a contest leader, thanks for the votes thought)
Mr_Cool 3 years ago
  new years eve contest like people celebrating
SimonM 3 years ago
  I vote for Gameinsky.
SuperMario 3 years ago
  Elizea and exploration
demonicyoshi 3 years ago
  I vote Elizea (most experience)
And exploration... Cuz i sugested it =)
unbreakablecode 3 years ago
  i vote for Gundu and Exploration.
gamelover101 3 years ago
  Why do you want to vote so badly, AK? I vote Elizea.
chris3000 3 years ago
  I vote for elizea and exploration.
AK 3 years ago
Ferrari12 1
Gundu 1
Gameinsky 1

Exploration 5
Winter 2
Storyline 2
Song 1
Time Travel 1
Simple 1 [but needs revision]
Daft_Punk 3 years ago
  I vote Exploration
AK 3 years ago
  Ferrari12 1
Gundu 1
Gameinsky 1

Oh yes....
Exploration 4
Winter 2
Storyline 2
Song 1
Time Travel 1
Simple 1 [but needs revision]
gameinsky 3 years ago
  Exploration contest has 3 votes.
MatthijsM 3 years ago
  I vote for Gameinsky and exploration

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oh_bebe 5 years ago
  There has been a lot of ideas lately for a new competition, but there can only be one going on at a time. Vote for your favorite idea or discuss new ideas for a contest.
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