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MarioIsFireball10 2 years ago
  Square- RAGE.
Future- Sounds good.
Pie- NO.
AK 2 years ago
  Square Contest: Levels that are made up of squares....

Future Contest: Make a level about the future. NOT the same as the Apocalypse Contest.

Pie Contest: Make a level about a pie O.O XD

Ferrari, autos can't be done in Ringmania, Blockoban, and Blockoban 2...
birjolaxew 2 years ago
  Yearh, and far too vague.

A nostalgia slide series though...
Magic_X 2 years ago
  Nostalgia contest sounds kinda lame :(
gameinsky 2 years ago
  Nature contest 2 BG colours ?
birjolaxew 2 years ago
  I liked the competitions with restrictions (stay within an 64x64 area, etc.).

We should have more of those.
Treazer 2 years ago
  A movie level contest?

Make a level in any game with owns a lil' story of a movie.

Pirates of the Carribean - A RT (for example)level which includes a fight on a ship, and before your in a jungle with other pirateturtles etc..

It can be any movie, but it should be known.
Ferrari12 2 years ago
  Elizea: The nature contest GIS mentioned ...

Nature contest may not be a creative theme, but it will give some spectacular levels, and that's what matter! Even you can't argue with that!

But may I ask, why shall we suggest themes when you alreasy know what you think is creative or a good theme? Wouldn't it be just as good if this was deleted and you decided on your own, so we all knew we didn't have any chance at deciding anyway? That's how it seems to me, though I sincerly hope I'm wrong.
SimonM 2 years ago
  What about nostalgia contest? xD
Elizea 2 years ago
  Ferrari, after what nature contest? Is there going to be one?

Also, if you guys just keep saying those old same 'auto,nature,underground,etc (insert anything boring here)'... Ehh.. Yah. Not gonna happen.

Keep suggestions coming but keep 'em creative! [=
Ferrari12 2 years ago
  Nah, after nature contest it should be auto contest :P
gameinsky 2 years ago
  No, it's exactly like AK described.

And I think the contest after that should be nature!
Sinse you know, caves are nature-ish but fit the underground contest as well, so the nature contest is broader :)

And then let's make an urban contest! xD
Ferrari12 2 years ago
  Or you can simply make and old-school level, I think.

Nachos: GIS said it depends on when JP approves the contest.
AK 2 years ago
  Well, your definition was spot on, but the contest is actually about re-making officials. An example would be "Watch Out! Mini" instead of "Watch Out!" for Rolling Turtle, or "Diagonal Climbing" instead of "Olympic Luge" for JumpGear 2. These levels are similar to the officials, but have a lot of changes too.
nachos 2 years ago
  When will the Nostalgia Contest start?

Sleath nostalgia means longing for something in the past. Im assuming they mean for the contest that you have to make a level as if it was in the past. Retro.
SleathPilot 2 years ago
  What does nostalgia mean :/
Ferrari12 2 years ago
  Nostalgia contest will be the next contest, but after that it has to be nature contest IMO.
SuperMario 2 years ago
  If you guys want Nature and Underground contest? We have to vote what contest will be first :)
AK 2 years ago
  Maybe both?

We just need to vote on which is after the Nostalgia Contest...
Magic_X 2 years ago
  Two great choices, which to vote for :/
MarioIsFireball10 2 years ago
  It's between Nature and Underground contest!
SuperMario 2 years ago
  That wasn't my idea, the idea comes from MIF10.
chris3000 2 years ago
  I like the nature contest idea.
demonicyoshi 2 years ago
  I like the sound of underground contest, but I would be fine with a nature contest too.
AK 2 years ago
  Yer! It'll be super cool!

I also think Underground Contest would be a good idea! :D

When's the next contest? The Nostalgia contest...
SuperMario 2 years ago
  For me Nature Contest is an awesome idea :D
CamoDragoon 2 years ago
  @AA, basically the crappy-level contest? xD

lol, @DY, then your trophy would say "You came in second place in the XXXXX contest!" xD
chris3000 2 years ago
  Not a bad idea.
SleathPilot 2 years ago
  Art contest- Create an art level and enter it for a chance to win.
gameinsky 2 years ago
  My idea was nature contest previous time, so i'm going to bet what contest it will be :P

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oh_bebe 5 years ago
  There has been a lot of ideas lately for a new competition, but there can only be one going on at a time. Vote for your favorite idea or discuss new ideas for a contest.
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