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Topic, New Contest Coming!

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Friend 4 years ago
  House Contest?
gameinsky 4 years ago
  if it wil be house contest i yet have my entry :p
oh_bebe 4 years ago
  I think we should do the House Contest idea that iamstormtrooper had. I think with the 3D idea you are kind of limited.. You can only draw 3D objects but it still looks like the turtle is 2D in them.. ya know? He still just sits on the top edge. And JP pretty much nixed the Collab Contest
iamstormtrooper 4 years ago
SuperDog 4 years ago
  Is the next contest 3D???
[edit]I have an idea for automatic contest.
Jster95 4 years ago
  yo if we do the collab contest can we have three people? it would be me ellement and ohyeah.
SuperDog 4 years ago
  The next contest are my favourite
3D Contest
ilikerollingturtle is making a level and vote
i'm going to vote only
SuperDog 4 years ago
  Yes You can
Shiro 4 years ago
  Omg, didn't know that!?

Can I still vote!!?
BenTen 4 years ago
  Dream contest but it ends 30 April.
omgsh thats today!
SuperDog 4 years ago
  No. There's no spaces. Try to put a message with spaces only
And I wanted to ask what contest is right now?
BenTen 4 years ago
  Yep, theres only spaces in SuperDogs message
iamstormtrooper 4 years ago
  No Text? Or did my computer load wrong?
SuperDog 4 years ago
Shiro 4 years ago
  racersda, that's the same =P
racersda 4 years ago
  I though that PM meant "Personal Message"
iamstormtrooper 4 years ago
  Sure. But that defeats the purpose, doesn't it? If you can, make a new one, but i guess.
Shiro 4 years ago
  PM means 'Private Message'.

Gundu, we already made a community level, can that one join too :D?
oh_bebe 4 years ago
  gundu: what does PM you mean? I'll make a level with you if you want.. (on RT anyway)
gundu 4 years ago
  Everybody Who want to start a communoty level with me, Have only to PM me :D (It's so sample)
racersda 4 years ago
  iamstormtrooper let's be partners. I have great ideas for some levels.
iamstormtrooper 4 years ago
  Who wants to be mah partner? I have some prior experience. If nobody wants to partner up, than I'll just use geckostorm.

@oh_bebe, can I post the topic for this contest?
MooKings 4 years ago
  Ok I guess I can pick you!
Im 4 years ago
  Me, oh please choose me!

edit} @Ellemment75, you like skateboarding?
MooKings 4 years ago
  So...who wants to be partners with me?
Fanta-Freak 4 years ago
  how many maps can each team max enter with?
Ellemennt75 4 years ago
  Jster95 and Ellemennt75 for prez..... er.... winner!
1jase 4 years ago
  I would love to have you as my partner but I had already asked lololol and he has not repliyed if he says no then i will make you my partner
racersda 4 years ago
  1jase I'll be your partner. I always have good ideas for levels I've been getting better at making lines cleaner too...... I think.
Hexicube 5 years ago
  Someone team up with me!

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oh_bebe 5 years ago
  There has been a lot of ideas lately for a new competition, but there can only be one going on at a time. Vote for your favorite idea or discuss new ideas for a contest.
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