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Topic, Real Names

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lololol 5 years ago
  Hmm, you'r right.
kolortmadsen 5 years ago
  Hello everyone :D I'm Jacob :)
Shiro 5 years ago
  Nah :P
lololol 5 years ago
  maybe its easier to say: ''Hello Everyone!''
Jac1 5 years ago
  Very funny -_-
Im 5 years ago
  Hello Hello- Matt!
Full_Metal 5 years ago
  Hello- Matt
Shiro 5 years ago
  Hi :)
Jac1 5 years ago
  And hello Koen! :D
Shiro 5 years ago

Jason, Jacques, Paige, Olivier, Alex, Omar, Murtaza, Benjamin, Madiba and hello Donnie :)
donutman101 5 years ago
  hello my name is donnie
1jase 5 years ago
  ups hi Madiba & hi Koen

Im 5 years ago
  1jase, you're supposed to say: "hi Madiba" & "hi Koen"
Shiro 5 years ago
  I'm Koen :D
diba102 5 years ago
  im madiba
1jase 5 years ago
  hi Benjamin
Im 5 years ago
  I'm Benjamin
murtaza64 5 years ago
  im Murtaza
1jase 6 years ago
  yes i know alot of perents are like that thats OK
ilikerollingturtle 6 years ago
  My parents don't let me show my name
lololol 6 years ago
  i'm Omar.
alex98779 6 years ago
  I'm alex
1jase 6 years ago
  hi Olivier
gameinsky 6 years ago
  i'm olivier
1jase 6 years ago
  hi Paige
pkb123 6 years ago
  Im Paige :)
1jase 6 years ago
  not on purpose
Jac1 6 years ago
  No, his parents stole it ;)
doomlord 6 years ago
  You stole my name 1jase
1jase 6 years ago
  arrggg! I keep forgetting


First post of the topic

1jase 6 years ago
  OK we all know how we got our file names now what our real name you don't have to say you full name just your first it would be nice to know everybody namess

mine is as you all know Jason
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