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CubixIII 1 month ago
  I'm surprised that those stars in the title logo are useless. Shouldn't you put some kind of mechanic for those things?
lmr 6 months ago
  I too think many are mis-categorized. Some, I can't even figure out at all, and they are supposedly med. or easy. I just keep on trying.
ToughMan 6 months ago
  I have to admit guys, that BB2 is the only game, out the 3 I play most (BB, BB2 and PI), which shouldn't have more than 1 'difficulty' categories (other than kids of course). I struggled many times, when playing a level, to identify which category it should be in (without looking the pre-set one from the editor) and I realized that either most of the levels are not properly categorized or because there was something more simple, that all levels should belong to one category [whatever that is]. Not that it makes any difference but I just wanted to share my thoughts. P.S. We could also exclude 'Big Maps' as a category in the sense that these levels do not actually relate to difficulty but rather a big challenge with more moves.
ToughMan 6 months ago
  Thanks buddy. Glad to be part of this club. As you correctly point out, I am addicted to every game with squares and puzzles....
oldmanrob 6 months ago
  hi TM, congratz for you new addiction. one can't have enought. :D
svartgryning 8 months ago
  Cmon and make some christmas levels guys.
Ady84 9 months ago
  I'm going to make a kids level pack (that's why I make easy lvls :|)
Mopsikus 9 months ago
  Best Game heay
Treazer 9 months ago
  Indeed! :)
SimonM 9 months ago
  Nice to see someone dedicated to it. :)
oldmanrob 10 months ago
  thank you very much. i will use my new powers for the benefit of mankind. :)
oldmtnguy 10 months ago
  Yes! You are now a trusted member.
oldmanrob 10 months ago
  if you make me trusted member will i have the power to update the pack? if the answer is yes i would like to be.
kiethy342 10 months ago
  We want it!
SuperMario 10 months ago
  same as below! :p
Treazer 10 months ago
  We want it! :D
oldmanrob 10 months ago
  if you guys have need for it, i can do a all-levels pack. the one we have hasn't been updated for 2 years. if i hear at least three "we want it" i will do it. :)
svartgryning 10 months ago
  Sorry no new series at the moment. Only four new levels in the "till death" series.
SuperMario 11 months ago
  svart, i can't wait for your new series :)
SimonM 11 months ago
  Awesome job, I'll try to make a level. It's been a while though.
oldmtnguy 11 months ago
  Greetings to all the Blockoban 2 players out there. Just a note to let you know that all the submitted levels have now been evaluated. There is now no backlog and so if you want some more to play, then sharpen up the design skills and get going on some new one's.
svartgryning 11 months ago
  I have some more in the series planed. Hope thay also gives a good experience.
ThisIsMyUsername 11 months ago
  Till death series are all in the best levels, congrats!
SuperMario 11 months ago
  "It depends on the rating power."

Treazer 11 months ago
  It depends on the rating power.
If someone rated a level 4 with the rating power 20 and I'll rate it 5, the level rating will be 4.8 or something.
SuperMario 11 months ago
  Total rating scores decrease because there were 2 raters at the 4.[numbers] rated levels, and when a third person rate, the score gets introduced on the list, making it get lower or higher. in this case, it only would decrease.

there is something about if you rate a 4.345 (example) level 5 (for another example, it gets to 4.487). this is the only one i don't know. :/
Treazer 11 months ago
  Congrats omg, you're doing your job very well! :)

edit: Holy shit, svart... :O
Nobody has ever got 5/5 in the designer rating, nice job!

edit2: I just played your levels and rated a level 5/5 (it already had a 5/5 rating from other people) and your designer rating decreased >.< Why??

edit3: I played some more levels, also gave a 5/5 rating and your designer rating decreased again :( Maybe other people played your levels too and rated them 4?
svartgryning 11 months ago
  I also want to thank you oldmtnguy for taking the admin position. Good luck :)

Thank you, Im glad the levels are liked.
SuperMario 11 months ago
  svartgryning, first to get the perfect score at any designers list of any game. congratz to him too! :P
oldmanrob 11 months ago
  instead of congratulations i want to express my gratidude that you saddle yourself with the admin job. may you do well.

BLockoban 2 developed by jp

Slide blocks, match 2 colors and remove them all!

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