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SimonM 1 day ago
  Officials register all scores, but non-officials do only the 100 best scores. But there is a 'bug', that if you put them in a pack, it will register anyway if I recall correctly.
CamoDragoon 1 day ago
  @AK, I think it only shows the lowest 100, but it saves whatever score you get.

EDIT: Yeah, this is the case. I don't have a score for Open The Road but it still registers as completed with a score of 3 in my officals.

EDIT2: Oh, nvm, just read DD's thing. I'll do a quick test to see if things register as being completed.

EDIT3: Profile page is updating a little slowly. I'll test later once I know what the update delay is so I can tell whether levels register as complete. I guess another way is to check if they still show up in your unplayed list.
AK 1 day ago
  Well dang! That means it's no longer possible to beat all of the levels. D:
dingdong 2 days ago
  Are we talking non-officials? If so, then it is because the game only saves the 100 lowest scores. It has been a minor problem for a long time.
AK 2 days ago
  It seems some of the old levels won't save new scores... Is there anything we can do about that?
CamoDragoon 11 days ago
  @AK, always better to opt on the harder side rather than the easier side IMO. I think the number of people that would be frustrated by finding a very challenging level placed in a low category is greater than the number that would be frustrated by finding a less challenging level in a high category.
AK 12 days ago
  Every time I make a "Hard" level, it seems to become an "Easy" or "Medium" level... ;-;
chris3000 12 days ago
  Wow, great job dingdong. I need to get the award too.
dingdong 15 days ago
  Thank you, CD.

Now that I resumed playing and recommenced the completion of officials, I might as well try to revive my designing.
CamoDragoon 15 days ago
  Congrats on the Archery Master award DD :)
chris3000 18 days ago
  Fantastic levels AK, and it's great to see you making levels again murat. Let's keep this game rolling.
AK 24 days ago
  I'll help with making new levels too!
oldmtnguy 30 days ago
  Do your eyes deceive you???
CamoDragoon 1 month ago
  Apologize for the recent lack of levels guys. This past week was extremely busy for me. I'll get back to creating as soon as possible.
CamoDragoon 1 month ago
  Hey, congrats chris! :D
oldmanrob 1 month ago
  congratulatin to your high mile award, chris.
chris3000 1 month ago
  Yes, 5000 levels solved! I'm getting better and better at this game.
CamoDragoon 1 month ago
  I knew this day would come eventually. I have now designed more levels for this game than the number I have solved. xD
oldmanrob 2 months ago
  chris3000 comment was the 3000th comment on this forum.
chris3000 2 months ago
  You have really contributed to this game CD, well done! I'm on my way towards that mile high award.
SimonM 2 months ago
  Just imagining that you have made so many levels, is just staggering! And not only you have made a lot of levels, they are also of great quality! Congratulations!
CamoDragoon 2 months ago
  Thanks guys. Always a pleasure to be of service. I enjoy creating the levels just as much as (I hope) you guys enjoy playing them. It's actually around my 1735th accepted level or so in BB alone--I'll make a celebratory 2000th level once I reach that milestone here. :)
lmr 2 months ago
  WOW! Camo, thank-you and congratulations.
oldmanrob 2 months ago
  Thank you so much Camo. Without you this game wouldn't exist enymore.
oldmtnguy 2 months ago
  Today Reverse Whirlpool was approved as the 7753rd Blockoban level. What makes this a monumentous occasion is that it is CamoDragoon's 2000th approved level!
Thank you CD for all your time and effort to provide us with challenges and entertainment.
chris3000 3 months ago
  Hey, is murat's Every Level Counts pack going to be updated?
ToughMan 3 months ago
  Happy New Year to everyone and your families!!
oldmanrob 3 months ago
  happy 2015 (or whatever)!
lmr 3 months ago
  Happy New Year
SimonM 4 months ago
  The all page only shows accepted levels (including official levels). That's quite some amount!

BLockoban developed by jp

A puzzle game inspired by Sokoban and Cubeoban.
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