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marcogardaland 17 hours ago
  Message removed...
funguy161 11 days ago
  Thank You!
manufan 12 days ago
  Welcome to the site funguy! Always nice to have new members. :)
funguy161 12 days ago
  This Is A GREAT Puzzle Game! However, Blockoban 2 Was Better.
Maybe I Should Play Both....
manufan 14 days ago
  I suppose I could message OMG, based on his activity logs.

New Levels (All Rejected Overwritten)

Please note that I have commented on all of the levels that I can, also note that I could not comment rejected levels with no administrator comments. :)
MatthijsM 14 days ago
manufan 14 days ago
  I did so in the level comments, however there are different admins in this game who vary in activity which is why I would hesitate to use a PM.
Ferrari12 14 days ago
  I guess it this also depends slightly on the admins' personal preferences. I don't mind if someone creates a new level out of an old rejected level, as long as they don't expect me to notice by myself that the level has been updated. I don't care if I re-evaluate an old rejected level or evaluate an entirely new level. However I do prefer to be given notice about old updated levels through a PM, rather than game comments.

I have not looked much into this particular situation, so my statement only applies to the general case. Since it is my personal opinion it also only applies to the game in which I am an admin (JG2).
manufan 14 days ago
  That's what I do in Jump Gear 2, but as for BLockoban, I'd like to have all my levels accepted, but I do understand an admin's point of view, even though I have little experience administrating my own game.
Elizea 14 days ago
  When evaluating levels, if a level is not acceptable, we either reject it or tell that it needs some editing to be acceptable. The difference between these 2 is pretty significant as we don't have any easy ways to find recently updated rejected levels.

When evaluating levels it's much easier to see the new unevaluated levels than see all the older rejected/to be edited levels. If we mark a level rejected it means the amount of work to make that level acceptable is almost the same as just making a new level and uploading that which is what we would prefer.

I understand you may want to get rid of your rejected levels but it just means more work for us and achieves very little. Even I have some rejected levels, and sometimes (not very often) I'd go look at them and laugh how bad the levels were.
manufan 14 days ago
  Yes, I understood that, and that is why I commented on Unecessary so that admins could see that I wanted it re-evaluating, however they must not have noticed.
MatthijsM 14 days ago
  Manufan, our levels weren't rejected levels. Admins only look at the still be evaluated ones
manufan 14 days ago
  I have already commented on my level Unnecessary, asking that it should be re-evaluated (it was previously a different, rejected level). However it appears that whilst others have been evaluated, this is not the case for my level, which I am sure was not intentional. Please could someone evaluate it? Thanks. :)

[Edit] Please see Indirect Solution and Polar Switch also.
MatthijsM 17 days ago
  Though so, I'll remake it now :)

EDIT: It is possible now
CamoDragoon 17 days ago
  @Matthijs, the level isn't possible. You need an extra block to match the last one, since not all of the blocks are on the same "grid," if that makes sense.

I mean:


Blocks on the X "grid" will not be able to move onto the O spaces without help. At the end of this level, you end up with one block on the "O" grid and one on the "X" grid. This happens because of the way the blocks are set up in the corners.

In general, levels where none of the goals are A: next to another goal or B: next to a wall require at least two extra blocks to solve.
Treazer 17 days ago
  This is a better way to link the level:


[ lvlid=36094 ] (without free spaces)
MatthijsM 17 days ago

Hey can someone solve this level?
Treazer 24 days ago
  Welcome back! Nice to see you here again. :)
SBLMNL 24 days ago
  Just thought I'd say "HEY!!!" and that I'm back playing this wonderful yet brain stretching game. I don't even know why i stopped playing =P
lmr 1 month ago
re post 1 month ago congrats on new status
(in my opinion) the officials should not be changed, removed or altered. That being said adding an official would not be out of line. There are so many levels that may be considered. Camo has created levels in every category that could qualify. A few years ago he created several to teach his sister the game that were awesome, some of which could be looked at as learning/ starting levels. Any time I solve a Murat is a wow day for me. Again how can you pick one? Toughman made a level few years ago that I have not been able to solve yet.( I revisit it often) It stands out in my mind as one that should be official; White Shepherds.
chris3000 1 month ago

Hello Blockoban community, does anyone want to play my new pack. I created this because I need some help solving these. I have been struggling trying to find the solutions to. I've spent some 2-3 years to solve. Once I beat these I will have solved all kids and easy levels. Then the next challenge: MEDIUM AND HARD

I need to take a break for a few days, my brain is fried.
pig 1 month ago
  I'm back! I added 7 new levels also.
catboy676 2 months ago
  So, they added remixed versions of the songs?

manufan 2 months ago
  I've come back and to see you GIS with that is something we've all been waiting for, a new level 2. You deserve it! :)
gameinsky 2 months ago
  The advantage of a second pack is that oldmntnguy can also edit it, which means he could easily moderate the pack as well.
oldmanrob 2 months ago
  Yes the pack is a good idea. And from the levels in the pack we can vote the official offical level no. 250.
CamoDragoon 2 months ago
  Having the new official as well as the extra officials pack are good ideas IMO.

And yeah Bump Me Out was a great one SM, good call :)
gameinsky 2 months ago
  I'm looking for a level that has everything of a good level, nice design, clever concept and doesn't require too many moves (about 50 max). It's going to take a while to finally settle on a level, but we have all the time in the world for that!

I spoke about it with Elizea and he brought me onto an idea:
If we just make a second pack off officials (it will be a bit harder to access because there would be no separate tab for it) that way we can add as many as we want and consider it an extension of the officials.
SuperMario 2 months ago
  Bump me out
CamoDragoon 2 months ago
  Seeing as I've designed about a quarter of the levels for this game, figured I should weigh in... lol.

The officials debate has always been a tricky one. Undeniably, level quality has improved drastically on the whole (think new designers such as Murat, Monty, Simon, TM, and so many others), and very few of them have officials here when some of their levels clearly deserve the distinction. Look at levels like Crosshairs compared to Collapse, Seal the Envelope, or Little Tactic. However, there's the counter-argument of how deleting old levels basically means that people spent time improving their scores for [almost] nothing.

I think the idea of adding a 250th level is objectively good, though. As I've designed more levels than I've played, it's hard for me to choose my favorites (I do really like Collapse and Beacon), so I'll just post a few of mine that I've really enjoyed creating and playing.

Overlap 3
Thin Transfer
Nothing to Lose
Red Manuever
Stand And Fight!
Fusion Chamber
Orbits Enclosed
Hall of Fame
Toll Booth
Little Ambassadors
Break the Chain
Sky Tiger 2-Remnants
The Trick <--(I know it looks easy, but I've stumped so many people on the mobile with this one!)
Rough Construction
Little Pyramid
Slippery Containment
Blue Column 2
Complex Circle

And of course, a notorious one for me because of the lack of scores (and I love the design),
White Key

There are others, too, but A: I don't want to make too long of a post and B: I don't remember them all... ;P

Even if these aren't the best levels, hopefully they at least remind people of ones they like. I know dingdong's Fission Chamber spinoffs of Fusion Chamber were very fun, for one.

BLockoban developed by jp

A puzzle game inspired by Sokoban and Cubeoban.
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