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Treazer 1 day ago
  Great to see a new award and glad that it's my image, although he slightly edited it, probably because the colors were not distinct enough. :)
Though I wonder where he's got the picture from... lol :p

lmr 5 days ago
  jp Thanks for the new achievement award. And thank you for its name. Also, thanks to all the players/designers that contributed to this being possible
gundu 5 days ago
  Well... I'm only halfway there D:
SimonM 5 days ago
  Nice to see there is a new achievement.
SuperMario 17 days ago
  Thanks for all the kind replies.
ToughMan 18 days ago
  @SM I know OMG is always willing to assist in any kind but as correctly OMG pointed out many people (including myself) are always available should you wish to share anything.
oldmtnguy 19 days ago
  @SM If you feel that they are good enough to be submitted then do it. If you think that you need some help on some of them then just ask. Myself and many other players would be happy to help you.
SuperMario 20 days ago
  I don't know If I should post my 20+ levels here.
ToughMan 24 days ago
  They are currently dealing with other

They are still quite young (the first two can barely read) but will definitely have them read it later on. Don't want to spoil the fun of it.
oldmanrob 24 days ago
  I hope your kids (and all of you) will or have read that wonderful book by Lewis Carroll.

He is the real ispirer of the series. Without him...
ToughMan 24 days ago
  We certainly thank both of you for your overall contribution and for this wonderful level series that allows my kids to explore the game further.
oldmanrob 24 days ago
  Thank you for your appreciations. And than you for the encouragement and tips you gave me. The community should know that without OMG the series would not exist.
oldmtnguy 24 days ago
  Congratulations and thanks to OMR for this wonderful series. He has incorporated three different games into his Alice in Wonderland series. Puzzle It, Blockoban and Blockoban 2.
ToughMan 1 month ago
  No need to worry SM. It is part of the game. I am just happy and glad there are so many designers. Rating is subjective while the greatness of the game is (hopefully) objective.

P.S. Even if you take it did good!!!
SuperMario 1 month ago
  Designers with the score of 4.835


Epic tie!

Edit: Sorry, I just made Monty beat all of you. xD
lmr 1 month ago
  or perhaps the background could be coloured for mile high or given a border of blocks?
ToughMan 1 month ago
  I really like the Gold colour of the 5k and to be consistent with round numbers I vote for the Golden 5k. Simple yet nice design. As a compromise we could name it Mile High with the remaining 280pts being the Exp points (ie +280 instead of 250).
oldmanrob 1 month ago
nelson90 1 month ago
  Both images are very nice. I vote for the 5000 (for the background, the elements of the game and the choice of the colors).
lmr 1 month ago
  I vote mile high.
oldmtnguy 1 month ago
  text you definetext you define
5000 or Mile High
These are the proposed images for the new Blockoban award. Experience points +250. I will leave them here for a few days so you can vote for your favorite. When accepted, I will forward it to jp for approval.
SuperMario 1 month ago
  Admins will evaluate your levels, oldmtnguy frequently evaluates them, and depends if someone has made a level.
gameinsky 1 month ago
  No need to specify that, the admins appointed for the game will automatically check the levels.
chrishappy 1 month ago
  Hey guys, I have just relased my level, "Inside Feelings" Please test it for me! It's posible!
lmr 1 month ago
  But I would prefer a devilish rating of 5,5,5,5 on my levels. At least 5555 is obtainable!
oldmanrob 1 month ago
  or 6666 more than diabolic.
lmr 2 months ago
  Darn now I am past a mile It'll have to be more so that I can aim for it! 5555?
Maybe 2 awards, so we can use the clever picture omr created.
oldmanrob 2 months ago
  i will work on it, if the mile award will have a majority and my pix will be chosen.
SimonM 2 months ago
  Nice, but the image has to be 50x50 pixels.

BLockoban developed by jp

A puzzle game inspired by Sokoban and Cubeoban.
Try also BLockoban for iPhone.

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