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gameinsky 1 month ago
  I don't think so, but I'll see if I can bug Gundu to come here once in a while :P
AK 1 month ago
  Are any admins still here? I wanted to start making a lot of levels here...
SuperMario 1 year ago
  Mini bump.
MooKings 1 year ago
  This game does need new admins. I think I had my level for evaluation for about two to three weeks now.
Mopsikus 1 year ago
  Thank Treazer for playing my level
Mopsikus 1 year ago
  Wow cool game
SuperMario 1 year ago
  this game isn't dead, just missing in action
manufan 1 year ago
  I've got two new levels waiting for evaluation. I think this game might need a new admin to breathe some life back into it...
alanliu12121 1 year ago
  Been half a year since i played this.
chrishappy 1 year ago
  do people play this?
SuperMario 1 year ago
  Almost a game, not so far from it.
Mopsikus 1 year ago
  I love this game!
Ferrari12 1 year ago
  Why does the game restart sometimes when I shoot?

[edit] Sorry, I was just being incredible stupid, and I left the mouse over the restart button ...
AK 1 year ago
  This game seems to hate my computer. Sometimes Dan moves without me telling him to...
Treazer 1 year ago
  Jp should unlock all levels... (I know, the story levels) But this is getting annoying when you can't complete a level.
SuperMario 1 year ago
  These portal levels really destroyed my score.
SuperMario 1 year ago
  All the official levels completed :)
andrei 1 year ago
  I am also stucked. i thought this is something similar to the game that I am playing at
psychomaster 2 years ago
  Shaddup. Ratman. Nubcake.
Bot1 2 years ago
  ERROR: code 99348 run
jasperpostema 2 years ago
  Yes I am stuck in there :( No me gusta
neoseanner 2 years ago
  don't worry , maybe you will stuck in level portal 2
psychomaster 2 years ago
  Should I go for it? yeah..I should.All 89 Officials here I come.
Treazer 2 years ago
  Congrats Matt! :D
MatthijsM 2 years ago
  yess I did it, MatthijsM completed all the officials of Captain Dan v Zombie Plan
alanliu12121 2 years ago
  Maybe there should be someone new to substitute for him...
SuperMario 2 years ago
  Brolling told us that maybe Captain won't come back to BL because he's really busy with other projects, that's the reason that why he's will never finish one game named "Don't Ask" or because Push is a little inactive. That's what I know.
alanliu12121 2 years ago
  No, the admins are inactive... wheres captin 404?
SuperMario 2 years ago
  Lol! No levels after 10 months ago?

That's what I call inactivity! xP
manufan 3 years ago
  Do NOT trust this guy! He is an impersonator! He would never ask for a password!

Captain Dan v Zombie Plan developed by Captain_404

Sneak around the zombies until you find the gun, then get all of them before they get you!

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