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kalina200 1 day ago
  I agree with you
SuperMario 1 day ago
  I am sure we'll get more levels this year than the last year. :D
kalina200 2 days ago
  Ratings for game:

Level Editor=91.1%
Official Levels=79.2%
kalina200 2 days ago
  Please re-evaluate this level Explore The World 3
gundu 20 days ago
  I never noticed how complex the music was until I got that new headphone set... ':_
SuperMario 20 days ago
  I've recently made a DeviantArt account and I suddently become a trusted member. Thanks Ferrari! :)
Ferrari12 20 days ago
  To become a trusted member you have to submit quite a few levels of consistently high quality. You have only submitted one level so far, so at the time being I cannot make you a trusted member. However, one never knows what will happen in the future :)

(In case you do not know: A trusted member is allowed to edit his/her levels after they have been accepted by an admin. This is not possible for a regular member)

Also, you do not have to request evaluation of your levels. I will evaluate them when I have the time to do so :)
kalina200 21 days ago
  can i be a trusted member?
kiethy342 21 days ago
  Congrats supermario!
kalina200 21 days ago
  ferrari: please evaluate Explore The World!!
Ferrari12 21 days ago
  But what use would it be to Kalina if I said JP is the main admin? If she wants to ask a question then there's no use in asking him. I can't even remember the last time he posted a comment on this game. In this context I would say "main" means the most active and not the one with the greatest theoretical powers.
MatthijsM 21 days ago
  I wouldn't say main ferrari, you are active and the only moderator doing something but JP remains the main moderator of JG2
Ferrari12 21 days ago
  Hi Kalina! Welcome to BonusLevel and Jump Gear 2! I am the main administrator of this particular game. The main administrators of the site in general are jp, gameinsky and Elizea.

Also, congratulations SuperMario on becoming a trusted member! :)
kalina200 21 days ago
  hello im new...

Whose the main administrator
CubixIII 26 days ago
  This game is very hard to me... Still can't get past lvl 3.
EDIT: Nvm!!! :33
SuperMario 29 days ago
  My Top 10 someone evaluate it plz
Valarnable 1 month ago
  Woah, never realized that!
valyn 1 month ago
  almost 2 million plays :D
SuperMario 1 month ago
  Almost all of the 5/5 rated levels are by Kiethy.
Ady84 1 month ago
Coolguy52 1 month ago
  HI_AB_LM! WB Sorry it's a bit late!
SuperMario 1 month ago
  You did it wrong. To implement text classes you have to do it without spaces.
applewaffle 1 month ago
  I am terrible at staying active.

[ class=dochl ] TERRIBLE. [ /class ]
SuperMario 1 month ago
  Good to see him back, well not exactly back but to see him here.
AK 1 month ago
  HI AB LM! Welcome back! It's been a very long time...
HI_AB_LM 1 month ago
  I don't think he has 100 levels done... hahaha

SuperMario 2 months ago
  Share the other 100 ones you have, now!
kiethy342 2 months ago
  So guys, I was messing around on the editor and I made something I kind of wanted to share but wasn't sure how to turn into a level:

Gradients! und
MatthijsM 2 months ago
  I'm improving my official score again. It feels like I got my skills back :)
Ferrari12 2 months ago
  Take all the time you like. We are all happy to have you around!

Jump Gear 2 developed by jp

Jump over the hills, and race against time. Do flips and backflips for bonus points.

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