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AK 2 days ago
  Does anyone know how to fix the glitch where break lines' green outlines move above the break lines after you die with a checkpoint?
Treazer 2 days ago
  Oh, that's my rejected level! :P
It's quite old and crappy.^^ If you put it in a pack and complete the level, you can even submit a score, I think. (I'm not sure though)
AK 3 days ago
  Never mind, I found it! Hard Way!
gameinsky 3 days ago
  pretty sure not. if you can remember who made the level or any information it would be a lot easier probably.
AK 3 days ago
  Hey admins, if you could help me with something...

There's a rejected level that I really like, and I commented quite a bit in it, but I can't seem to find it anymore... Do you have any tools that would make it much easier to find (other than going through every level and checking what it looks like :|)?
jake20056 4 days ago
  Hey im back after 7 months of being of BL
kalina200 4 days ago
  Im Working on it...

Sos But for sum reason my whole explore the world 6 dissapeerd and i lost my login for a bit... I Dunno what happend but it all dissapeered but i didn't give up.Im working on Explor thr world 6
Coolguy52 12 days ago
  Hi... I'm almost back :D

What I mean is that I have exams for almost the next week and will soon be a lot more active :D

[EDIT] I have a long level in the works. It should be very nice and quite long.

[EDIT 2] It's done!
applewaffle 19 days ago
  Gratz chris3000, i guess you live up to your name now :)
chris3000 20 days ago
  Yes, 3000 levels completed. Maybe I can beat them all one day, eh?

And WB Asteria and applewaffle. It's great to see people coming back to BL. I hope this site lasts forever.
applewaffle 20 days ago
  hihihihihi guys
TheLatios381 28 days ago
  *le me gets 23 flips
Asteria 1 month ago
  Just takin some high scores. and lookin back at some of the levels i made.
CamoDragoon 1 month ago
  Sup Asteria :)
Asteria 1 month ago
  Wow, so I still recognize so many names on here.
chris3000 1 month ago
  Good luck evaluating the levels again Elizea. This game brings back so many memories.
kalina200 1 month ago

Explore the world 6 is coming ut soon :D
PineappleDude 1 month ago
  Aha! I thought he was a little too good to be a beginner :P
SuperMario 1 month ago
  My apologies for making levels and/or doing activity in this site in my alternative account: AnMtZ. That account is just to see how high my score can get by just completing 100 levels in this game (Easy Rider - Microscopic Universe). I just completed them today but I need to improve the score a little bit, but that's gonna be later.

Also, I'll keep creating levels here, but since I'm busy with school, the build-ups will be a little slower. Also, thanks Elizea for offering to evaluate levels as long as we message you.
Elizea 1 month ago
  You can always message me if levels aren't being evaluated in a while and I'll do it.
kalina200 1 month ago
  Thats Sad News :(

Who will evaluate now?
U were the best admin ever for evaluating my levels
Luckily u haven't stopped permanently :)
SuperMario 2 months ago
  I was gone...
Ferrari12 2 months ago
  Thanks guys!
gameinsky 2 months ago
  Very understandable, you sticked pretty long here before moving on.
Best of luck with what you're currently doing.
kiethy342 2 months ago
  Just when I get my laptop fixed :P. ah well, not-goodbye-but-still-kind-of-see-you-sometimes to you too Ferrari. Your admining shall not be forgotten. Neither will one of the best HSFs ever. :)
Ferrari12 2 months ago
  That's great, but I have some news for you guys. I no longer wish to carry the responsibility of evaluating the levels of this game (Though there are hardly any of them these days). This does not mean I will never evaluate levels again, but I do not wish it to be expected of me to do so either. In case my relative absence causes a build-up of un-evaluated levels then I hope that my fellow admins will be able to take care of this, but if not then I suggest that jp finds another admin for this game. This is not a goodbye-message, but simply a statement of my wish to no longer be obliged to visit this site on a regular basis, even when time is limited. Until next time, take care!
racersda 2 months ago
  Still one of my favorite games.
applewaffle 2 months ago
  ayyyyyyyy i'm back.

MatthijsM 2 months ago
  It's been a while, time to play those new levels

edit: only 2....
kalina200 3 months ago
  Lets see if we can get 2 Million Plays on this game

Jump Gear 2 developed by jp

Jump over the hills, and race against time. Do flips and backflips for bonus points.

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