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You must register or log in to post a message.

manufan 27 days ago
  Inbox then? xD
kalina200 28 days ago
  You Cannot post on Rejected lvls

[edit] Iv'e got a new one Tutorial- Swich
manufan 29 days ago
  Then just comment saying you need it re-evaluated. xD

[edit] And then call if it's still not happening.
AK 29 days ago
  Levels with no comments can't have an admin called :P
manufan 29 days ago
  Why didn't you just call for one in the comments of your level then?
kalina200 29 days ago
For my lvl (now evaluated)
manufan 29 days ago
  Kalina, did you call for an admin?

[edit] Suspicious cancel there...
kalina200 29 days ago
  Super Bumpy HSF

Please Re-evaluate

BTW my thumnail is messing about
gameinsky 1 month ago
  Everything looks fine on my end. Call cancelled.
AK 1 month ago
  Something is very wrong with I fly in sky. I got my highscore back, but the comments says "You must register or log in to post a message.", and it doesn't show my highscore! Not only that, but it shows the ghost rider of a previous run that WASN'T the highscore.
AK 1 month ago
  Little by little, I'm getting into the top 25! Maybe one day I can get a highscore...
Coolguy52 1 month ago
  We still won't probably, as this is a 'sunset' game as in the rate is going down but there is one possibility.
kalina200 1 month ago
  I changed it to 12 years
Treazer 1 month ago
  The game came to Bonuslevel 5 years ago, how are we even supposed to reach 5,000,000 plays in 5 years when we only got 2,000,000? We probably wouldn't even reach milestone 3 or 2.
kalina200 1 month ago
  1963803 plays/2000000 plays
nearly at our target on Milestone 1

Btw heres my challenge for this game





And we never know:There may be more

[edit] can we do Milestone 5 in less than 12 years?

[Going up fast]
AK 1 month ago
  Does anyone know how to fix the glitch where break lines' green outlines move above the break lines after you die with a checkpoint?
Treazer 1 month ago
  Oh, that's my rejected level! :P
It's quite old and crappy.^^ If you put it in a pack and complete the level, you can even submit a score, I think. (I'm not sure though)
AK 1 month ago
  Never mind, I found it! Hard Way!
gameinsky 1 month ago
  pretty sure not. if you can remember who made the level or any information it would be a lot easier probably.
AK 1 month ago
  Hey admins, if you could help me with something...

There's a rejected level that I really like, and I commented quite a bit in it, but I can't seem to find it anymore... Do you have any tools that would make it much easier to find (other than going through every level and checking what it looks like :|)?
jake20056 1 month ago
  Hey im back after 7 months of being of BL
kalina200 1 month ago
  Im Working on it...

Sos But for sum reason my whole explore the world 6 dissapeerd and i lost my login for a bit... I Dunno what happend but it all dissapeered but i didn't give up.Im working on Explor thr world 6
Coolguy52 1 month ago
  Hi... I'm almost back :D

What I mean is that I have exams for almost the next week and will soon be a lot more active :D

[EDIT] I have a long level in the works. It should be very nice and quite long.

[EDIT 2] It's done!
applewaffle 1 month ago
  Gratz chris3000, i guess you live up to your name now :)
chris3000 1 month ago
  Yes, 3000 levels completed. Maybe I can beat them all one day, eh?

And WB Asteria and applewaffle. It's great to see people coming back to BL. I hope this site lasts forever.
applewaffle 1 month ago
  hihihihihi guys
TheLatios381 2 months ago
  *le me gets 23 flips
Asteria 2 months ago
  Just takin some high scores. and lookin back at some of the levels i made.
CamoDragoon 2 months ago
  Sup Asteria :)
Asteria 2 months ago
  Wow, so I still recognize so many names on here.

Jump Gear 2 developed by jp

Jump over the hills, and race against time. Do flips and backflips for bonus points.

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