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Random1234567890 22 days ago
  LOL Love This Game! :D
Coolguy52 5 months ago
  5.5 Million! I'm surprised that it happened this soon!
chris3000 6 months ago

Hey congrats Elizea on the new official level. Now i'll have more chances to get 8M.
MatthijsM 6 months ago
  Congratulations chris
chris3000 6 months ago
  Wow, I've completed over 3200 levels. I'm trying to reach my next 2 goals: getting 8M and beating every single JG level there is.
Maxamed 7 months ago
  I'm just checking out things for nostalgia that's all. :D
chris3000 7 months ago
  Hey welcome back Dynamo and Maxamed. I can't believe this game is 8 years old and is still running. That's great.
Coolguy52 7 months ago
  WB Maxamed and kalina200!

EDIT: Just got the award xD Thanks for the new awards :D
kalina200 7 months ago
  Suprise Return From Me, Sorry For My Long Inactivity!
Maxamed 7 months ago
  TFW you come back and everything is gone. FeelsBadMan
kirrock 9 months ago
  I was just stopping by :)
Coolguy52 9 months ago
  Welcome back to you too Kirrock!
kirrock 9 months ago
  Welcome back indeed. :)
Coolguy52 9 months ago
  Welcome back Dynamo!
Ferrari12 9 months ago
  Well done, and welcome back!
Dynamo 9 months ago
  Bagged myself a couple more official high scores on my return to Jump Gear!
kalina200 10 months ago
  WOAH... GCSEs, The Most Important Test In School Life. All Luck To You
Coolguy52 10 months ago
  Good luck! Hope you do really well in them!
Dynamo 10 months ago
  I've got 2 weeks left of my GCSEs guys, wish me luck! xP
Coolguy52 11 months ago
  Thanks :) Nearly done them now :D
kalina200 11 months ago
  Good Luck, I Just Did My SATs, Guessing Exams Give You Alot Of Pressure And You'll Do Great, Best Of Luck!
Coolguy52 11 months ago
Treazer 11 months ago
  All the best for you! :)
Coolguy52 11 months ago
chris3000 11 months ago
  Well good luck making your levels, and I hope you do well on your exams. I wish you the best of luck.
Coolguy52 11 months ago
  Looking at what I said 8 months earlier, I have stayed throughout nearly another year! I can't believe it! So, to 'celebrate' my time here, after a 2 week 'break' (exams) I will try and make regular, weekly levels! I wont be gone for a good while yet :)
Coolguy52 1 year ago
  xd I don't know how to help you?
CubixIII 1 year ago
  Argh! I need to keep remembering that the restart button is ESC, not Shift+R! It's giving me a carpal tunnel!
PineappleDude 1 year ago
  That's a pretty legit method. I have an issue with my computer atm which only allows me to press two buttons at once, making it impossible hehe. But that's just an excuse - that record is boass
Dynamo 1 year ago
  I challenge you to beat my Catch Me! high score PineappleDude ;)

Jump Gear 2 developed by jp

Jump over the hills, and race against time. Do flips and backflips for bonus points.

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