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AK 2 months ago
  Watch the rankings, I'm not so far behind now...
Ferrari12 2 months ago
  You lost our HSF quite badly AK. I wish you luck trying to catch up! :)
AK 2 months ago
  Eek! I'm not in the top 10! D:

Here we go, time to improve my scores!
SuperMario 4 months ago
  I'll try to create as many levels as i can here :p
ThisIsMyUsername 6 months ago
  The music is resoners instrument #4.
chrishappy 6 months ago
  weird, the music is from platform racing 2, am i right?
SuperMario 6 months ago
  beating elizea will take too much time.
Ferrari12 8 months ago
  You're losing ground, AK!

[edit] Passed Gary thanks to a 31 moves improvement on Twin Towers.

[edit2] And there I passed Paralit as well!

[edit3] Top 5! :)
Ferrari12 8 months ago
  But I am there, in 9th place :)
SuperMario 8 months ago
  i'll get there ak too :)
AK 8 months ago
  It's your turn now, Ferrari...
Sherlock 8 months ago
  6 levels left. :P
Holy huge moves!!!
AK 8 months ago
  Due to my lag on both of my computers, I can't really play this game. It seems to cause a lot of problems for my computers. I will try and have a good HSF, but it may take a few days just to beat your first score...

EDIT: Never mind, hooray for Twin Towers :D
Ferrari12 8 months ago
  Fancy an HSF, AK?
SuperMario 8 months ago
  Now, I'll make a new level here :P
Sherlock 8 months ago
  Still a great fight there. :)
P.S.: I gave up being a moonlight level editor. xP
Treazer 8 months ago
  Congrats!! :D

At least better than Simon xP
SuperMario 8 months ago

Also, look at my score, It's just beautiful :P
SuperMario 8 months ago
  I smell a new official :)
Treazer 8 months ago
  Thank you! :D
oldmanrob 8 months ago
  congratz treaz.
AK 8 months ago
  Yes, this music is incredible...

I'm gonna get back in the top 10.
Treazer 8 months ago
  I finally got the Moonlight Climber award!

A special thanks to gameinsky who encouraged me! :D
Treazer 8 months ago
  That's a great idea, but the game is finished and especially jp won't add more features (he's busy and all his games are done).
bbdest 8 months ago
  I have an request, that if possible, the planets can rotate. It would make possible levels more intricate.
ThisIsMyUsername 9 months ago
  Achievement got at 2nd try!
1st try was 156...
SuperMario 9 months ago
  666 levels completed? I haven't noticed. O_o
tu 10 months ago
  Demain is right, the music of this game and also the game are awesome.
gameinsky 10 months ago
  Instrumental 4
Demain 10 months ago
  Does anyone have to song from this game?
It's epic

Moonlights developed by jp

Build a structure and reach the light(s).
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