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gameinsky 22 days ago
  That's something for new people.
When you are new at making levels your first few levels are not that good so JP imposed a limit in the first month so hopefully you spend more time improving your levels that way.
VinylPro 23 days ago
  Why i need to wait few days/weeks when my game is on public, when i "Upload" it?
gameinsky 7 months ago
  That's probably one of your paths breaking the level, delete a few paths until it works again.
CatsAreAwesome12345 7 months ago
  I need help again, my level editor is fine, but when I test my level, It's just nothing.
gameinsky 7 months ago
  Hi, you should read trhis indepth guide I compiled 4 years ago:
Click here

As for your level in specific, avoid putting the starting shape of screen.
CatsAreAwesome12345 7 months ago
  What measures can I take to improve my level?
funguy161 11 months ago
  This Is Easier On Mobile.
chris3000 11 months ago
  140 levels completed

Phew this game is frustrating sometimes, you have to be good at this in order to beat most of the levels. I really need help.
chris3000 1 year ago
  You know if I could complete 1000 levels here it would be great, then I would be close to beating gundu. I'm just not good at this game.
stanleyang 1 year ago
  My new level: The Cemetary
gamelover101 1 year ago
  I'm not an admin...
chrishappy 1 year ago
  oh, I've called you here to notice this problem as I just said.
gamelover101 1 year ago
  @ chrishappy You should message the admins the list of levels to evaluate; you can find a list of them here
chrishappy 1 year ago
  I wish the admin would check on the custom levels more often...
SMBZ453 2 years ago
  Loving The Start Screen
CubixIII 2 years ago
  About time there was more Moonlights levels! :D
kalina200 2 years ago
  please evaluate 2 big, 1 small , 9 suns , 6 suns , 5 suns , Accuracy its been 9 days
AK 2 years ago
  Watch the rankings, I'm not so far behind now...
Ferrari12 2 years ago
  You lost our HSF quite badly AK. I wish you luck trying to catch up! :)
AK 2 years ago
  Eek! I'm not in the top 10! D:

Here we go, time to improve my scores!
SuperMario 2 years ago
  Message removed...
ThisIsMyUsername 2 years ago
  The music is resoners instrument #4.
chrishappy 2 years ago
  weird, the music is from platform racing 2, am i right?
SuperMario 2 years ago
  Message removed...
Ferrari12 3 years ago
  You're losing ground, AK!

[edit] Passed Gary thanks to a 31 moves improvement on Twin Towers.

[edit2] And there I passed Paralit as well!

[edit3] Top 5! :)
Ferrari12 3 years ago
  But I am there, in 9th place :)
SuperMario 3 years ago
  Message removed...
AK 3 years ago
  It's your turn now, Ferrari...
Sherlock 3 years ago
  6 levels left. :P
Holy huge moves!!!
AK 3 years ago
  Due to my lag on both of my computers, I can't really play this game. It seems to cause a lot of problems for my computers. I will try and have a good HSF, but it may take a few days just to beat your first score...

EDIT: Never mind, hooray for Twin Towers :D

Moonlights developed by jp

Build a structure and reach the light(s).
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