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chris3000 1 month ago
  Hey, xP. I have 555 levels left to finish. It's taken a long time to get this far.
gameinsky 1 month ago
  I'll give pyrko the benefit of the doubt on the first level. It's not as if the 2 miliseconds will ever end up mattering.
AK 1 month ago
  I believe 3 is an impossible score on the very first level, as he has it there. Crypt also has an impossible score by him. Otherwise, those were the only scores I could find of him.
gameinsky 1 month ago
  If you can give a list of the levels with hacked scores I can skim them through and delete all of them.
Treazer 1 month ago
  Yeah, it's not the first time he hacked...
AK 1 month ago
  Has Pyrko hacked scores in this game before? I feel like I've seen impossible scores from him one other time.

EDIT: Looking through other officials, it appears he has hacked several times. Should all of his scores be deleted in the officials?
Automan 2 months ago
  Under Construction is so easy
CamoDragoon 7 months ago
1. Three of the ten levels have more than four scores.
2. Six of the seven levels with four or less scores were designed by only two designers.
3. Look at some of the levels with four or less scores. Have you played them all? One of them, Explore the City, has few parts that require you to either be extra steady or extra fast. Another, Blind Spin, is tough, but it's only extremely difficult if your computer doesn't light up the screen enough. Synchronization and 4 Squares are legitimately tricky, but they're not ridiculously hard (and while Synchronization is hard, the level is relatively short).
4. This leaves us with 3 "ridiculously difficult" levels.
5. Most important -- look at the time period over which the levels were released. Blind Spin was created 6 months ago. The average level per month rate for the 10 most recent levels is 1.6 levels per month. And if we look at the rate of ridiculously challenging levels (3 over 6 months, although admittedly the three very challenging ones were not released six months ago) it's 1 level every 2 months.

Conclusion: There is not an issue with there being a "new wave of levels so challenging and ridiculous only one or two people can beat them". The problem is that there are not enough levels, not enough players who are willing and able to spend the time to try to beat the tough ones (e.g. Synchronization and 4 Squares), not enough designers, and just not enough players in general.

These problems are uniform to every game on BL. The level designing hasn't shifted too much here at BL... it's just gone way down. :|
AK 7 months ago
  I don't like this new wave of "so challenging and ridiculous only one or two people can beat it" style levels. This game was made to be playable by a lot more than just one or two people. Just look at the highscores for the ten most recent levels; only two have been beaten by more than four people. So, I think we should start creating levels that more people can beat, and leave the extremely difficult levels to once a month; otherwise, this game will lose all but the four players who can beat about every level.
Mopsikus 9 months ago
  Cool game
Frairer 10 months ago
  srry for 2 years wait I'm back
Garygoh884 1 year ago
  What are the new tiles introduced to this game? I haven't played this game for a very long time.
alanliu12121 1 year ago
  Someone tell me what is this?
Someone tell me what is this?
Ferrari12 1 year ago
  I will look into it later, but the slowness of the PC will not have an impact either way.
burfy 1 year ago
  I think this is not the case, slow pc will only slow down spinners but it has no impact on the you-can-barely-see part.
Ferrari12 1 year ago
  If I remember correctly, those kind of levels do not work on my dad's computer. I would assume his computer is not the only one.
SuperMario 1 year ago
  "Blind Spin" Is this level computer-based? Because it involves a you-can-barely-see concept.
burfy 1 year ago
  Good to know that Treazer :)
Treazer 1 year ago
  You can also just press enter instead of clicking the small black border to confirm that letter. (ik it's a little late, but well :p)
burfy 1 year ago
  Yoran, in the editor, click in the white field above the "in-game brick style", write one letter (you can only use one at a time), click on the top or bottom black border of this white field (yeah, it is a bit narrow but you can do it) and than click in the level map where you need the letter.
yoran14 1 year ago
  How do you add TEXT in your level?
ThisIsMyUsername 1 year ago
  Please don't beat my score Dynamo ><
Dynamo 1 year ago
  Damn, I used to be so tanky at this game... I prefer RT now, but I might still hang around here and improve some of my scores every once in a while! :)
Mopsikus 1 year ago
  Hey lolollol
Mopsikus 1 year ago
  Hey harry potter rate game 5/5:)
ThisIsMyUsername 1 year ago
  WB I guess.
Frairer 1 year ago
  im backkkkk!
alanliu12121 1 year ago
  Guess what? I'm sending this to GIS for reviewing!
ThisIsMyUsername 1 year ago
  Ummm... my idea is to download and see is it different than online version
If it does, I might make a level that you have to download it to complete
HarryPotter 1 year ago
  you play the game HERE, not downloading

Path 4 Mouse developed by Hexicube

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