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chris3000 8 months ago
  I have 1 official left and it is so frustrating. It should be lvl 112. I need that award.
SuperMario 9 months ago
  There's just one Gameinsky.
Dynamo 9 months ago
  This game could really do with having some more active admins to evaluate the new levels, mine have been in editing mode for quite a long time now and nothing is being done about them.
AK 11 months ago
  Please, for everyone's sanity, make sure your levels can be completed before you upload them...
SuperMario 1 year ago
  Message removed...
iRyusa 1 year ago
  good game !
AK 1 year ago
  Can an admin please accept my levels? They've been waiting for over seven months...

Oh, hello there :D
CubixIII 1 year ago
  ah love nahtromm!!!!!

A few seconds later...

Wait... Isn't that little guy in jail break's icon blinking on and off??
chris3000 1 year ago
  This game is dead. And I still have not finished that official level. Captain404's mean, xP.
AK 2 years ago
  I feel like this game should have a push limit, i.e. a certain amount of pixels you can push a block. I think this would lead to high scores being a bit more fair and realistic...
SuperMario 2 years ago
  Message removed...
Treazer 2 years ago
  Push is featured on Nitrome as one of the weekly pixel love games!
th3m00n 2 years ago
  i like this game
jamnjelly36 2 years ago
  Push has got real laggy for me now
tu 2 years ago
  all levels start with a small letter xd
chrishappy 2 years ago
  Oh no, you just went to computer jail for some reason... press the escape button!!!!
SuperMario 2 years ago
  Message removed...
AK 2 years ago
  Is everybody ready for new levels? I sure am! :D
AK 2 years ago
  It seems that I can't move in any of the Push levels. Also, every block goes right through me when I push it. Is anyone else having this problem?
bbdest 2 years ago
  eh, having trouble with sticky keys
SuperMario 2 years ago
  Message removed...
SuperMario 3 years ago
  Message removed...
Maxamed 3 years ago
  Who is Ian Snyder?
psychomaster 3 years ago
  Shaddup ratman..
psychomaster 3 years ago
  About 1/3 done with the officials.. 8D
alanliu12121 3 years ago
  Space bar...
bombermanx0 3 years ago
  How do I change blocks?
SimonM 3 years ago
  Apparently I don't have the best score on all levels. I will try my best to do so.
SuperMario 3 years ago
  Message removed...
alanliu12121 3 years ago
  I don't see ratings for any of these levels. At first i thought that it was impossible to rate, but why i see no ratings???

Push developed by Captain_404

The classic sidescroller concept with a major twist!

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