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ewfwegdwa 15 days ago
  Message removed...
oldmanrob 1 month ago
  that's good. both informations are. :)
Treazer 1 month ago
  All packs updated. (there were no new insane levels though)
SuperDog 2 months ago
  He's a higher level than you are, I don't think he needs an explanation :P
lmr 2 months ago
  Click on create, new level. Begin building. Test,test,test it. Do a square thumbnail while in test, select a category, give it a title. Local save. Upload only after making sure it can be solved and is fun! It will then be accepted.(or rejected)
SuperMario 2 months ago
  HeY GuYs HoW DoO I MaKe LeVeLs?

(i'm back, whoops!)
Coolguy52 4 months ago
  Before anyone asks, the five move solution on my newest creation (yet to be evaluated) is impossible now. I was fixing bugs and got that lower score than is currently possible.
Treazer 5 months ago
  Thank you! Have a very merry Christmas and a great new year as well, ToughMan! :)
ToughMan 5 months ago
  Very Merry Christmas Everyone and a Happy, Healthy, Successful and Joyful 2016!
kalina200 6 months ago

I Already Made One Battlefeilds
SimonM 6 months ago
  All the levels are back. To celebrate this we should make loads of levels, to compensate the two week absence of new levels.
lmr 6 months ago
  They should not mess with a good thing!
Coolguy52 6 months ago
  Ok... Idk if I'm honest.
SimonM 6 months ago
  We didn't do it, it's the server that hosts the BL site.
lmr 6 months ago
  Yikes...Don't do that again!! Hope it is repaired soon. Thanks
Coolguy52 6 months ago
  About 18 hours ago :P Glitch, we switched something...
lmr 6 months ago
  What has happened? No levels. Why? When?
oldmanrob 7 months ago
  good job treazer. thank you!
svartgryning 7 months ago
  Message removed...
Treazer 7 months ago
  Nice, congrats! :D
Sherlock 7 months ago
  Three medium levels left to solve :)
Treazer 8 months ago
  Nice, congrats! :)
chris3000 8 months ago
  1000 solved, :)
Treazer 8 months ago
  Congratulations! :)
Sherlock 8 months ago
  T^T Finally completed all easy offlevels.
Treazer 8 months ago
  That's very true. Good luck though! :)
chris3000 8 months ago
  98 levels away from the Mad Puzzler award. I'm getting better everyday. But some easy levels aren't that simple to solve.
Sherlock 8 months ago
  ._. Easy levels are not so easy...
Treazer 9 months ago
  That's true, I still need to beat 10 easy levels. Usually, this shouldn't take much time, but I still didn't solve them.^^

Luckily, all the other levels I still need to beat are medium, hard or insane. :)

Puzzle It developed by SimonM

Clear all blocks to complete a level.
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