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Maxamed 9 days ago
  Time to see if time has made me better at Puzzle It. Hello puzzlers!

edit: nope :<
SimonM 17 days ago
  Changed the skin.
Treazer 27 days ago
  Yeah, I thought the same several times. I absolutely have no idea why I made it invisible. I probably deleted the sign to replace it later, but then forgot about it, because I couldn't see it anymore ;)
I could add a sign, but then i'd have to give Simon the new skin, he needs to update the game and it's not on the front page anymore.
Garygoh884 28 days ago
  I might be having trouble of which of the uncompleted official level(s) to play. The play sign is invisible, making it harder to differentiate between played and unplayed.
SuperMario 1 month ago
  Hey ideas, come here!!!!
SuperMario 1 month ago
  Message removed...
SimonM 1 month ago
  All the normal walls are unneccesary, because all the blocks are inside a same coloured force field.
alanliu12121 1 month ago
  Ice Cream Any opinions? If ok, imma remove the unnecessary walls.
SimonM 1 month ago
  There's nothing to be fixed. Treazer just updated an old level he had made.
JohannesM 1 month ago
  Message removed...
andrei 1 month ago
  Similar to member "Treazer", I guess they need to update the game, I wish they fix it, because it is like a puzzle physics games that I am playing at but I ma done with that game so I am trying this one you have here.
Treazer 1 month ago
  I've updated an undone level of mine a few days ago and it still didn't get evaluated. Could you check, please? :)
SuperMario 1 month ago
  I have some level codes on my computer, like 15 of them.
Treazer 2 months ago
  I feel like making a few new levels, but I'm out of ideas :(
lmr 2 months ago
  Hail, centurions. Congrats, Ferrari. And everyone else that has made a century.
Ferrari12 2 months ago
  I joined the club as well :)
oldmtnguy 2 months ago
  Congratulations lmr!!! Welcome to the 100 Club.
lmr 2 months ago
  Yah! I finally solved the last official I couldn't get. Now just have to improve my score!
SuperMario 4 months ago
  Message removed...
oldmtnguy 4 months ago
  Just a note to you players about OMR's Alice in Wonderland series. it continues with levels in both Blockoban and Blockoban 2.
This is a wonderful series and thank you OMR for the great levels.
ThisIsMyUsername 4 months ago
  Thanks, SM!
Hope PI can reach 3000 in this year :)
oldmanrob 4 months ago
  well done SM.
SuperMario 4 months ago
  Message removed...
SimonM 4 months ago
About the JG2's amount of levels, why don't you try to make some more levels.
SuperMario 4 months ago
  I FINALLY completed 1000 levels!

but that means...
SuperMario 4 months ago
  Message removed...
psychomaster 4 months ago
  Let's break BB's amount of levels by the end of 2015! :D
SimonM 4 months ago
  That doesn't mean there won't be more levels.
SuperMario 4 months ago
  Message removed...
kiethy342 4 months ago
  2000 levels in under 2 years, and the game is just as active as when it started! Lets get up to 3000 :)

Puzzle It developed by SimonM

Clear all blocks to complete a level.
Puzzle It!

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