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ToughMan 29 days ago
  Happy New Year to everyone!!
SimonM 1 month ago
  Happy holidays to all Puzzle It players!
lmr 1 month ago
  Happy Holidays
kiethy342 2 months ago
  22 levels 'till the big 2222 guys! :)

I need to make 22 levels tonight...
gamma73 3 months ago
  Thank you Oldmanrob and Treazer ! I'm glad to be a mad puzzler ;)
Treazer 3 months ago
  Congratulations, well done! :)
oldmanrob 3 months ago
  congratz gamma, you're a mad puzzler too now.
CamoDragoon 5 months ago
  True, could be worse ;P
SimonM 5 months ago
  That's probably a bug from the BL api. It doesn't matter that much, I guess.
CamoDragoon 5 months ago
  I don't know if this is a button or a display bug, but when you complete an official level and you click the "restart" button when you haven't cleared all of them, the game moves you to your next lowest incomplete official...
kiethy342 5 months ago
  That's great, thanks! I put it as hard, as I wasn't sure.
Treazer 5 months ago
  Same here, only needed dark green to match, but I lost the helpers. I'll give it another try, I bet it's possible.
CamoDragoon 5 months ago
  @kiethy I'm pretty sure it's possible. I had just the red and dark green left in the middle and all I had to do was push them up but I couldn't get the grey pushing blocks to the middle since I wiped out the white and black blocks first xO

I'll try to solve it again to be certain.

EDIT: I haven't gotten as close again, but I'm sure that I could've solved it on that other attempt had I not lost the helpers. I think it's possible.

EDIT2: Completed! And with a score of about half as many moves as my other attempts took! :D

I'd say hard category, maybe insane. It's a pretty unforgiving level lol.
kiethy342 5 months ago
  Awkward Moving Does anyone know if this is possible? (inspired by whoever made the level where you have to push the linked blocks with other blocks, really sorry can't remember what it was called or who made it)
Mopsikus 5 months ago
  goood game
Treazer 5 months ago
  Yeah, me too. But that was one good idea...
I tried to create a new level today, but it wasn't really cool, couldn't think of a great concept :(
SimonM 5 months ago
  I really liked your last level though.
Treazer 5 months ago
  I really want to create new levels, but I seem to have lost my ability D:
oldmanrob 5 months ago
  I suggest the easy way: One of the Squared 2 could be Squared Two,one Squared chages to Squared One and Helping Hand to Helping Hand 2.
SimonM 5 months ago
  Any new name suggestions?
oldmanrob 5 months ago
  What should we do with levels with the same name? There are (of course) also two
And these ones have another writing but is the same name:
Helping hand
Helping Hand
Treazer 5 months ago
  That's great to hear! :)
oldmanrob just notified me that there are two levels with the same name.

Squared 2 (medium, by loulou465)
Squared 2 (easy, by chase28)

I already corrected the pack and removed the medium level from the easy pack.
SimonM 5 months ago
  I updated the all levels pack too.
Treazer 5 months ago
  Updated all the packs. This was much work, especially for the easy category of course, after 10 months of no updating.
A huge thanks to oldmanrob for providing me a big list of all the levels sorted by category. Without his help I would've needed much more time.
Thank you! :)

Did you know? More than the half (~ 50,9%) of all the levels of Puzzle it are easy! There are more than 1000 (1087) easy levels.
Place 2 goes to the medium category! A bit more than a quarter (~ 28,6%) are made here.
About 13,9% of the levels are in the kids category. That means only a few levels are really difficult (hard and insane).
There are 113 hard levels, which is about 5,3%.
Only a bit more than 1% (~ 1,3%) of all the levels are insane. That's 27 insane level of all the 2134 ever created.
Maxamed 6 months ago
  Time to see if time has made me better at Puzzle It. Hello puzzlers!

edit: nope :<
SimonM 6 months ago
  Changed the skin.
Treazer 7 months ago
  Yeah, I thought the same several times. I absolutely have no idea why I made it invisible. I probably deleted the sign to replace it later, but then forgot about it, because I couldn't see it anymore ;)
I could add a sign, but then i'd have to give Simon the new skin, he needs to update the game and it's not on the front page anymore.
Garygoh884 7 months ago
  I might be having trouble of which of the uncompleted official level(s) to play. The play sign is invisible, making it harder to differentiate between played and unplayed.
SuperMario 7 months ago
  Hey ideas, come here!!!!
SimonM 7 months ago
  All the normal walls are unneccesary, because all the blocks are inside a same coloured force field.

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