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SuperMario 18 days ago
  Agreed! They're great!
oldmtnguy 21 days ago
  Just a note to you players about OMR's Alice in Wonderland series. it continues with levels in both Blockoban and Blockoban 2.
This is a wonderful series and thank you OMR for the great levels.
ThisIsMyUsername 29 days ago
  Thanks, SM!
Hope PI can reach 3000 in this year :)
oldmanrob 30 days ago
  well done SM.
SuperMario 1 month ago
  Okay ^_^
SimonM 1 month ago
About the JG2's amount of levels, why don't you try to make some more levels.
SuperMario 1 month ago
  I FINALLY completed 1000 levels!

but that means...
SuperMario 1 month ago
  We should reach jg2's amount of levels by the end of this october!
psychomaster 1 month ago
  Let's break BB's amount of levels by the end of 2015! :D
SimonM 1 month ago
  That doesn't mean there won't be more levels.
SuperMario 1 month ago
  But p4m got it's 2000 in under a year o_O
kiethy342 1 month ago
  2000 levels in under 2 years, and the game is just as active as when it started! Lets get up to 3000 :)
lmr 1 month ago
  And there are some darn good ones.
Congradulations Simon. and to all who have helped make your game great.
SuperMario 1 month ago
  Odds And Evens is the 2000th level congratulations ThisIsMyUsername!
SimonM 1 month ago
  We reached the wonderful amount of 2000 levels!
SuperMario 2 months ago
  I don't really care about the title of the award. With the award itself is ok.
lmr 2 months ago
  perhaps then M&MM's
gameinsky 2 months ago
  Can't you only get an infringement if you are using it for money?
SimonM 2 months ago
  I like M&M's, but wouldn't that be copy right infringment?
alanliu12121 2 months ago
  SimonMM's award?
lmr 2 months ago
  the roman numeral for 1000 is M, you are simon M. 2000 would be MM.So how about M&M's
alanliu12121 2 months ago
  You're in our millennium!
Complete 2000 Puzzle it Levels.

Sound good?
oldmanrob 2 months ago
  well 2000 is close,2500 will be for end of the year. i like procrastination. for the name you will have to wait.
SimonM 2 months ago
  What would be best an award for 2000 levels or for 2500 levels. Any name ideas as well.
oldmanrob 2 months ago
  we are looking forward to every award we can get.
SimonM 2 months ago
  I was thinking of making a 2000 or 2500 levels award.
SuperMario 2 months ago
  100 left (for the award)
SimonM 2 months ago
  oldmanrob, I'll update the all levels pack.
ThisIsMyUsername 2 months ago
  I guess it's time to update the packs!
oldmanrob 2 months ago
  will we have an update of the packs?

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