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drgonzo1987 2 days ago
  Thanks gameinsky!
gameinsky 5 days ago
  Hey drgonzo, if you ever want to talk to the community you can feel free to do that here!
drgonzo1987 6 days ago
  If you're looking for a challenge Dynamo you could try and beat my high score on Mad Shapes
Dynamo 11 days ago
  Hey Chris, seeing as you're back, maybe you could give me a challenge for the scoreboard considering I've been slowly working my way up recently! ;)
gameinsky 11 days ago
  There'll be a score-related on at some point.
chris3000 12 days ago
  Hey cool, I just noticed the new award here. There should be one for completing 2000 levels which i've almost done.
gameinsky 28 days ago
  I do remember you, you were quite good at making levels.
Creedsanatomy 28 days ago
Dynamo 1 month ago
  Okay Gary, I'm coming for you next... #2 will be mine! *insert evil laugh*
Dynamo 1 month ago
  Message removed...
CubixIII 2 months ago
  oh no my score is 5666 points...
Treazer 11 months ago
  Oh hey, welcome back! :)
Scaryowl 11 months ago
  Evilglass here: Woke up and couldnt access my old account. Am now using this site from this account ;p
chris3000 1 year ago
  You know, there are about 15 auto levels I can't score on because so many people scored before I did. I should have completed 2000 lvls by now.
funguy161 1 year ago
  Someone Please Help Me On This Level:
Edit: DANG IT I Hit Restart By Mistake
SuperMario 1 year ago
  Decided to wake up and try this piece of game again...
globbruhtopstick 1 year ago
  TotallyEpicDude321, Kirby is not your profile pic. And Kirby didn't say that piece of stupidness.
gameinsky 1 year ago
  What do you mean by that?
What's wrong with using kirby?
globbruhtopstick 1 year ago
  Err... someone stole Kirby's image. Don't do it again. :|
funguy161 1 year ago
  I Still Think Big Levels Are Cool.
EDIT: Then Again, My Flash Player Lags A Lot On That One.
gameinsky 1 year ago
  Whenever I notice it.

[edit] You should really try to make smaller levels, this one crashed my flashplayer the first time I tried loading it
SUPER-LEVLER 1 year ago
  Sorry for asking, but when will my Level "Level Up!" be evaluated?
chris3000 1 year ago
  Hey another new official?

Good job DY. Now I just have to beat it.
  Message removed...
funguy161 1 year ago
Treazer 1 year ago
benmario 1 year ago
funguy161 1 year ago
  I Like This Game MORE Then Any Other Game On The Site!
gameinsky 1 year ago
  Being trusted is not a form of recognition and certainly not for how long you've been here.
It's really more so people can fix their levels without having to call an admin every time.
And you need to be good at making levels to become trusted.
wubzy7 1 year ago
  make me trusted bro ive been here for six years i deserve some recognition please be my gf someone

Rolling Turtle developed by jp

Your objective is to reach the final flag. Controls : Space bar to jump. Left & right arrows to adjust speed. Up & down arrows to zoom in/out.

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