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gameinsky 15 days ago
  Welcome back Jessiah!
Treazer 15 days ago
  Oh my god, welcome back jessiah! :D
Nice to see such an old member. :)
jessiah96 15 days ago
  Finally figured out my password, long time no see Bonus Level.
Treazer 1 month ago
  So is jondeelee actually. Goldie was the most overkill one, though.^^
AK 1 month ago
  Looking through the highscores of all the official levels, it's clear that Goldie and Garygoh884 are both descendants of Chuck Norris.
gameinsky 2 months ago
  Haha, that was a long time ago xD
nachos 2 months ago
  I come back after not being on for a year and I'm trusted. Thanks gameinsky c:
Automan 2 months ago
  This game is so fun! I've completed lots of level (which are getting very easy).
CamoDragoon 3 months ago
  I would guess that the site auto-login didn't work, but when you went to another person's level it happened to work and log you in then.
AK 3 months ago
  It seems I can't post comments on my own levels? It says "You must register or log in to post a message.", yet I can post on other peoples' levels...

Edit: Never mind, it's fixed now. I wonder how that happens though?
gameinsky 3 months ago
  Whilst I still regularly check the site compared to other admins, I rarely check level evaluation so it's very possible your level won't be noticed that fast.
Whilst I usually frown up people asking to get their levels evaluated, I feel like it's necessary for me to realise that there's a level to be evaluated.

Feel free to pm me if you made an RT level
SuperMario 3 months ago
  Been waiting 4 days to get this level evaluated: Andy's Garden unf

Sorry If that's a short delay for you admins.
Geometrologic 4 months ago
  I'm new, I feel like I played this before.
demonicyoshi 4 months ago
  I've been working on a few levels, they might take a while though since they're really complex, and I am pretty busy with college work.
ohhhhhhyeaaaaa 4 months ago
  Played this game in 9th grade (almost 6 years ago), and I just remembered I made levels on this. I miss this game, and I hope more people come back to play! Someone inbox me if they're interested in making levels again haha
totallyepicdude321 6 months ago
  this was the only game I played on bonuslevel, I found the game, read the comments, and played the levels, I loved it. everything about it. now the game is dead and I cant save it. rip rt
psychomaster 6 months ago
  This was my first ever game I played on Bonuslevel. It is forever carved into my childhood. :')
Happy new years, all! Even though I'm 6 days late..
Dynamo 6 months ago
  Up to 7th now! :P
chrishappy 7 months ago
  I'm back everybody.
totallyepicdude321 7 months ago
  kinda like me! I played this server in its golden age.
CamoDragoon 7 months ago
  Well, welcome to the site, I guess :)
aaaallleex16 7 months ago
  I've been playing this game for years but I've never bothered to get an account until now XD
totallyepicdude321 9 months ago
  today is my second year having a bonuslevel account.
CamoDragoon 9 months ago
  Welcome! Be sure to try out all the games!
Cockroachcomics 9 months ago
  Hey guys! New to the site 😃
totallyepicdude321 9 months ago
  we need a way to bring some people here...
gameinsky 9 months ago
  The entire site is dying simply because we lost the most important part of the community:
The site admins and the game makers.
totallyepicdude321 9 months ago
  your right...
CamoDragoon 9 months ago
  So is every game, except possibly PI... Blockoban is still standing almost exclusively because of my levels :/
totallyepicdude321 9 months ago
  D: this game is dying of no attention... this was amazing 2 years ago, now its ignored by many.

Rolling Turtle developed by jp

Your objective is to reach the final flag. Controls : Space bar to jump. Left & right arrows to adjust speed. Up & down arrows to zoom in/out.

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