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psychomaster 14 days ago
  "I suck" > isn't me
Don't lie. You don't suck, I do. That's my job and mine only >:U
SuperMario 14 days ago
  After all, I gotta be honest. I kinda suck at this game. It's a very hard platforming game for me. Don't get me wrong, I love every single designer here. And I'm still asking myself how I managed to keep my 13th position. :P
kalina200 16 days ago
  hello!! im new
Creedsanatomy 1 month ago
  @Turtle-8888, you didn't mention my Social Sanitarium level!
mamemimomu 1 month ago
  Back in business! :D
(lol turned another year too)
totallyepicdude321 1 month ago
chrishappy 1 month ago
  Anyone? At all?
chrishappy 1 month ago
  Say, anyone miss me!
awesomeness 2 months ago
  Wow, I'll go check it out!
totallyepicdude321 2 months ago
  I did ,i mean.. you were in my new level...
awesomeness 2 months ago
  Long time, no see! Anyone remember me!?
turtle-8888 2 months ago
  How to make fake line?
neoseanner 3 months ago
  long time no see you guys xD
Mopsikus 3 months ago
  yea game! *-* 5/5
chris3000 3 months ago
  I really need to get back to playing this.
gameinsky 3 months ago
  What DemonicYoshi just said.
demonicyoshi 3 months ago
  Your local levels are on your computer's memory and not the data-base. Occasionally your computer might empty out the file location were your local levels are stored.
To prevent this you must save a copy of your level in text format by hitting the export button, then copy and pasting that code into a word document.
turtle-8888 3 months ago

Dynamo 3 months ago
  200 officials completed! Time to finish those last 17... :D
Mopsikus 4 months ago
  heyey ;olol
gameinsky 4 months ago
  Hey mpsikus, please use symbols like "." and ",", they help making your phrases understandable.
Mopsikus 4 months ago
  hey all what new levels?
Ady84 5 months ago
  Thanks! :)
Ferrari12 5 months ago
  Good job! :)
Ady84 5 months ago
  I finally completed 100 official levels!
chrishappy 6 months ago
  oh... sorry you feel that way about me Treazer, i shall be a bit less testive.(If thats even a word.)
Treazer 6 months ago
  You can't be serious, this is obvious.
chrishappy 6 months ago
  I have a tip on doing the hard level, the balancing act. Anyways get on the edge and roll upwards and keep balance there, it's way easier thank the very top.
chrishappy 6 months ago
  mam, i agree with you, they should fix that error.
mamemimomu 6 months ago
  Why is there no page two on the latest levels? It's a glitch, I tell you!

Rolling Turtle developed by jp

Your objective is to reach the final flag. Controls : Space bar to jump. Left & right arrows to adjust speed. Up & down arrows to zoom in/out.

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