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gamelover101 1 month ago
  Message removed...
CubixIII 1 month ago
  I like the title music on the left speaker more than the music on the right!
totallyepicdude321 1 month ago
  exactly, the jumping in this game is EXACTLY what adds challenge to it, and with RT's lack of sticky-ness you would be rolling to the goal in a single jump
CubixIII 1 month ago
  Now, we don't want Rolling Turtle becoming too much like Hog Pop!
EightballPixels 1 month ago
  My biggest beef with this game is the fact that you can't adjust your trajectory while in the middle of a jump.
totallyepicdude321 1 month ago
  well... sometimes I lsten to cool music while I play and hearing ding, buomp and diding.. just distracts me from the music.....
CubixIII 1 month ago
  Yep, it's true. But why wouldn't anyone want the sounds? I actually like them.
totallyepicdude321 1 month ago
  you can turn off the music, just not the sounds of jumping, stars, ect
gameinsky 1 month ago
  You can't turn of the sounds at all?
CubixIII 1 month ago
  If only there was a music 1-2 button, that switches between the title music and normal game music, so you could listen to the title music while playing. Because I LOVE that music XD
totallyepicdude321 1 month ago
  if only jp made a button for leaving the music, but turning off sounds (jumps, stars, checkpoints, ect, all those sounds)
gameinsky 2 months ago
  Good luck trying to get someone that almost never visits this site anymore to add in wasd controls...
ericcamas 2 months ago
  you got another veteran here, but i dont really want to play anymore until you add support wasd keys support. it's pretty painful for me to use arrow keys, since i havent used arrow keys on any game for years
totallyepicdude321 2 months ago
  5 years ago I found this game and played it a bit, 3 years later I came back and a nostalgia bomb went off in my mind.
CubixIII 3 months ago
  Multiland sucks!
Multiland sucks!!!
psychomaster 3 months ago
  "I suck" > isn't me
Don't lie. You don't suck, I do. That's my job and mine only >:U
SuperMario 3 months ago
  After all, I gotta be honest. I kinda suck at this game. It's a very hard platforming game for me. Don't get me wrong, I love every single designer here. And I'm still asking myself how I managed to keep my 13th position. :P
kalina200 3 months ago
  hello!! im new
Creedsanatomy 4 months ago
  @Turtle-8888, you didn't mention my Social Sanitarium level!
mamemimomu 4 months ago
  Back in business! :D
(lol turned another year too)
totallyepicdude321 4 months ago
chrishappy 5 months ago
  Anyone? At all?
chrishappy 5 months ago
  Say, anyone miss me!
awesomeness 5 months ago
  Wow, I'll go check it out!
totallyepicdude321 6 months ago
  I did ,i mean.. you were in my new level...
awesomeness 6 months ago
  Long time, no see! Anyone remember me!?
turtle-8888 6 months ago
  How to make fake line?
neoseanner 6 months ago
  long time no see you guys xD
Mopsikus 6 months ago
  yea game! *-* 5/5
chris3000 6 months ago
  I really need to get back to playing this.

Rolling Turtle developed by jp

Your objective is to reach the final flag. Controls : Space bar to jump. Left & right arrows to adjust speed. Up & down arrows to zoom in/out.

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