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  computer is working perfectley again, and im back!

oh, know why they say use line 20 for filling in? line 20 is the perfect size,you can make a straight line, and then you can use line size 4 to box it in and make it look like a perfect rectangle with no holes.
ericson 10 days ago
  Message removed...
totallyepicdude321 16 days ago
  cubix you fool! you've killed us all!!!!
CubixIII 18 days ago
  My lips are sealed. '͆◙'


chris3000 19 days ago
  Well, what project are you working on?
totallyepicdude321 22 days ago
  ive been working on a little...project...

(edit) GAH! anytime someone posts a comment that has a work related word like finish or start or work i get a stupid coupon ad!!!!
chris3000 23 days ago
  I love this game too, I hope to finish 2000 lvls here one day but I'm just too busy.
GPM1000 29 days ago
  I love this game :D
totallyepicdude321 1 month ago
  that is so true fellow kirby.
awesomeness 1 month ago
  Music is pretty swaggin
totallyepicdude321 1 month ago
  you know why I like this game? its easily the most creative game on bonuslevel! games like blockoban or ringmania are just puzzles, and jump gear is fun, but theres a time limit, so theres no exploring. this game is linerider 2.0! its creative, its fun, its filled to the brim with exploring just so you can find more stars and get the highscore!also, with no time limit, its MUCH more fun, when the timer hits 0, you die, thats it game over, hahaha...
gamelover101 4 months ago
  Message removed...
CubixIII 4 months ago
  I like the title music on the left speaker more than the music on the right!
totallyepicdude321 4 months ago
  exactly, the jumping in this game is EXACTLY what adds challenge to it, and with RT's lack of sticky-ness you would be rolling to the goal in a single jump
CubixIII 4 months ago
  Now, we don't want Rolling Turtle becoming too much like Hog Pop!
EightballPixels 4 months ago
  My biggest beef with this game is the fact that you can't adjust your trajectory while in the middle of a jump.
totallyepicdude321 4 months ago
  well... sometimes I lsten to cool music while I play and hearing ding, buomp and diding.. just distracts me from the music.....
CubixIII 4 months ago
  Yep, it's true. But why wouldn't anyone want the sounds? I actually like them.
totallyepicdude321 4 months ago
  you can turn off the music, just not the sounds of jumping, stars, ect
gameinsky 4 months ago
  You can't turn of the sounds at all?
CubixIII 4 months ago
  If only there was a music 1-2 button, that switches between the title music and normal game music, so you could listen to the title music while playing. Because I LOVE that music XD
totallyepicdude321 4 months ago
  if only jp made a button for leaving the music, but turning off sounds (jumps, stars, checkpoints, ect, all those sounds)
gameinsky 4 months ago
  Good luck trying to get someone that almost never visits this site anymore to add in wasd controls...
ericcamas 4 months ago
  you got another veteran here, but i dont really want to play anymore until you add support wasd keys support. it's pretty painful for me to use arrow keys, since i havent used arrow keys on any game for years
totallyepicdude321 5 months ago
  5 years ago I found this game and played it a bit, 3 years later I came back and a nostalgia bomb went off in my mind.
CubixIII 5 months ago
  Multiland sucks!
Multiland sucks!!!
psychomaster 6 months ago
  "I suck" > isn't me
Don't lie. You don't suck, I do. That's my job and mine only >:U
SuperMario 6 months ago
  After all, I gotta be honest. I kinda suck at this game. It's a very hard platforming game for me. Don't get me wrong, I love every single designer here. And I'm still asking myself how I managed to keep my 13th position. :P
kalina200 6 months ago
  hello!! im new
Creedsanatomy 7 months ago
  @Turtle-8888, you didn't mention my Social Sanitarium level!

Rolling Turtle developed by jp

Your objective is to reach the final flag. Controls : Space bar to jump. Left & right arrows to adjust speed. Up & down arrows to zoom in/out.

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