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Geometrologic 11 days ago
  I'm new, I feel like I played this before.
demonicyoshi 28 days ago
  I've been working on a few levels, they might take a while though since they're really complex, and I am pretty busy with college work.
ohhhhhhyeaaaaa 28 days ago
  Played this game in 9th grade (almost 6 years ago), and I just remembered I made levels on this. I miss this game, and I hope more people come back to play! Someone inbox me if they're interested in making levels again haha
totallyepicdude321 2 months ago
  this was the only game I played on bonuslevel, I found the game, read the comments, and played the levels, I loved it. everything about it. now the game is dead and I cant save it. rip rt
psychomaster 2 months ago
  This was my first ever game I played on Bonuslevel. It is forever carved into my childhood. :')
Happy new years, all! Even though I'm 6 days late..
Dynamo 2 months ago
  Up to 7th now! :P
chrishappy 3 months ago
  I'm back everybody.
totallyepicdude321 3 months ago
  kinda like me! I played this server in its golden age.
CamoDragoon 3 months ago
  Well, welcome to the site, I guess :)
aaaallleex16 3 months ago
  I've been playing this game for years but I've never bothered to get an account until now XD
totallyepicdude321 4 months ago
  Message removed...
totallyepicdude321 5 months ago
  today is my second year having a bonuslevel account.
CamoDragoon 5 months ago
  Welcome! Be sure to try out all the games!
Cockroachcomics 5 months ago
  Hey guys! New to the site 😃
totallyepicdude321 5 months ago
  we need a way to bring some people here...
gameinsky 5 months ago
  The entire site is dying simply because we lost the most important part of the community:
The site admins and the game makers.
totallyepicdude321 5 months ago
  your right...
CamoDragoon 5 months ago
  So is every game, except possibly PI... Blockoban is still standing almost exclusively because of my levels :/
totallyepicdude321 5 months ago
  D: this game is dying of no attention... this was amazing 2 years ago, now its ignored by many.
totallyepicdude321 5 months ago
  computer is working perfectley again, and im back!

oh, know why they say use line 20 for filling in? line 20 is the perfect size,you can make a straight line, and then you can use line size 4 to box it in and make it look like a perfect rectangle with no holes.
totallyepicdude321 5 months ago
  cubix you fool! you've killed us all!!!!
CubixIII 5 months ago
  My lips are sealed. '͆◙'


chris3000 5 months ago
  Well, what project are you working on?
totallyepicdude321 5 months ago
  ive been working on a little...project...

(edit) GAH! anytime someone posts a comment that has a work related word like finish or start or work i get a stupid coupon ad!!!!
chris3000 6 months ago
  I love this game too, I hope to finish 2000 lvls here one day but I'm just too busy.
GPM1000 6 months ago
  I love this game :D
totallyepicdude321 6 months ago
  that is so true fellow kirby.
awesomeness 6 months ago
  Music is pretty swaggin
totallyepicdude321 6 months ago
  you know why I like this game? its easily the most creative game on bonuslevel! games like blockoban or ringmania are just puzzles, and jump gear is fun, but theres a time limit, so theres no exploring. this game is linerider 2.0! its creative, its fun, its filled to the brim with exploring just so you can find more stars and get the highscore!also, with no time limit, its MUCH more fun, when the timer hits 0, you die, thats it game over, hahaha...
CubixIII 9 months ago
  I like the title music on the left speaker more than the music on the right!

Rolling Turtle developed by jp

Your objective is to reach the final flag. Controls : Space bar to jump. Left & right arrows to adjust speed. Up & down arrows to zoom in/out.

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