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nelson90 1 day ago
  Thanks a lot john96 for your kind words. I’ll do all my best not to disappoint you.

I already started to evaluate your BB2 levels. This is a good exercise to familiarize me with the functions of admin.

I accepted levels Blue Cloud and Red-Blue Square , their design is nice and there is a bit of challenge and opportunities for optimization.

On the other hand, I marked level Icy Pink to be edited, because it is very large, there is a lot of empty space, and it is really too simple. I would suggest to make it smaller and to change the category to kids.
john96 1 day ago
  Congratulations nelson, you have been a longtime member that has shown many great qualities. You're active,skilled,trustworthy and helpful. So I'm glad GIS made the right necessary changes. Hopefully now BL will be a better place. After all Chris is rather selfish and out for himself. He only wanted to be admin to cheat/make levels easier for him which is not trustworthy. I wish you luck!
gameinsky 2 days ago
  I don't have Pale Moon installed, so I don't know how many levels have been sitting in this game unevaluated, but from now on, they shouldn't be sitting there for much longer!

I'd like to welcome nelson90 as Blockoban 2's new admin!
john96 1 month ago
  Hey, who is the administrator for this game, I uploaded 2 levels. Is there anyone that can accept them? Let me know tomorrow or Friday.
chris3000 1 year ago
  Apparently this game didn't last too very long, it started to go downhill in 2016. Oh well, it is what it is.
suhangha 1 year ago
  game is screwed (Dead, Scorecards for categories easy and medium are messy)
chris3000 1 year ago
  How have things been going for this game? There haven't been anymore officials in years.
suhangha 1 year ago
  I pioneered them and updated with new records:
Wrecking Balls
It is a bridge
Mmmmmm 1 year ago
  Message removed...
Mmmmmm 1 year ago
  Message removed...
chris3000 3 years ago
  I don't even play this anymore, it's boring and no new levels.
chris3000 4 years ago
  Wow, this game is kinda dead now.
suhangha 4 years ago
  Up to 5 Pack missing.
chris3000 5 years ago
  I've solved 1100 levels. I'm getting better at this game. It takes a lot of practice and patience.
chris3000 5 years ago
  You're welcome, I always give positive feedback on levels. I will be making some more soon. I don't know when though.
oldmanrob 5 years ago
  chris, thank you so much for all that nice comments on my level. i'm so happy when people is happy with what i do here.
oldmanrob 6 years ago
  thanks so much gIs. now it's up to you folks. please us it. i think it's usefull for beginners have all the kid's or easy levels at one place.
gameinsky 6 years ago
  All done!
oldmanrob 6 years ago
  all packs up-dated. can they become blue?
chris3000 6 years ago
  Great job Matt, hopefully i'll beat them all soon.
Treazer 6 years ago
  Congratulations! :)
MatthijsM 6 years ago
  Just completed every official on BB2.
xile 6 years ago
  I don't mind helping, but I suggest you try the following first. Play the level to lose in certain ways first. It will let you see moves you might not have seen before. I also run multiple copies of the game if I'm stuck. PM me if you still can't get them.
oldmanrob 6 years ago
  not solutions but a little hint is ok, i guess.
SuperDog 6 years ago
  It doesn't really feel right to give out solutions to levels, much less in a puzzle game.
Treazer 6 years ago
  What are the five levels?
chris3000 6 years ago
  That's great news xile. I still have 5 officials left to beat. Can someone give me hints or PM them to me?

I tried so hard to solve them myself but i'm just stuck.
Treazer 6 years ago
  Completely delete them from the database. They're still saved, but as rejected.

I would love to do this too, but only level 2 admins have this ability.
MatthijsM 6 years ago
  How do you mean?
xile 6 years ago
  I wish there was a way to clear out all the old rejected levels.

BLockoban 2 developed by jp

Slide blocks, match 2 colors and remove them all!

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