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chris3000 26 days ago
  Terrific job on the new levels PF, 4-Color tube was a fun level to play.
nelson90 27 days ago
  @PuzzleFan: thanks for submitting so many nice levels, they are fun to play.

Note, the icy block is needed in 4-Color Tube otherwise it's impossible to make the green reach its goal.
PuzzleFan 27 days ago
  @Nelson90: Hello, I have submitted more Blockoban levels this morning, May 10th. In "Four Color Tube", I put the icy white there to help some of the colored blocks reach their goals. Just letting you know. Let me know how my levels turned out. Were they fun/original?
suhangha 1 month ago
  wow, two absoluteness, also Nelson still has massive experience points, I have to respect 3 people
chris3000 1 month ago
  Well guys this day has finally come! I have submitted tons of levels today, once they get accepted and get the EXP, I will surpass Simon and will be the top member!
suhangha 1 month ago
  I'll consider it but will be Chinese style as possibly, LOST essence!!
chris3000 1 month ago
  What, were you planning on making a new level of your longtime series? Don't hesitate to submit it for us to play. It's your call.
suhangha 1 month ago
  Oh dear!

Stopped at 169
Fong ku world: Must be one Chinese designer
I was looked for Hong Kong maker (1 levlevelokki), but I can't find Chinese maker, no one
chris3000 4 months ago
  Made a few levels today dedicated to the "Electric" style. Enjoy playing them, and always comment in the forum and let me know how they are, thanks!

nelson90 4 months ago
  @john96: level Hospital 2 is much too easy, it’s four times the same sequence of 4 moves. Please try to add some challenge.
chris3000 4 months ago
  Hey, I am introducing a new Tricolor series. This consists of various challenges/puzzles that deal with any three colors of the game. Blue,green,red or yellow,white,pink, etc.

There will be five types of stages starting from easy all the way up to hard. Hope it turns out well and fun for you all. It will be a slow process though as I want them to be good and classic/unique.
suhangha 4 months ago
your 10 messages came, but I can't connect to the discord server (unable to send)

please wait I have to score levels
8.8 maybe you can solve it (JM16)

please note that both accounts are me although there is no positive direction
nelson90 4 months ago
  @john96: I have updated the thumbnail of your level Four Color Align and accepted it.

Edit: apparently it didn't work correctly. Yesterday, the thumbnail appeared updated. Today, it is again the old one.
Yggdrasill4 5 months ago
  Hope everyone had a good Christmas and new year
nelson90 5 months ago
  Thanks Chris. Happy New Year to everyone!
chris3000 5 months ago
  Happy 2023 Blockoban community and to Nelson. Enjoying it so far?
nelson90 5 months ago
  @PuzzleFan: level Green Space is not medium, it is very easy (twice the same sequence of 6 moves) and the 2 dummies aren't necessary. Please try to add some challenge and choose the right category.

@suhangha and suhangha-2: I would like to see a score on levels 107 Royal Sinkhole, 108 Dozenal Hexign, Block Travel 7.3, Block Travel 7.4, Block Travel 7.8, Block Travel 7.9 and Block Travel 8.8. Otherwise, I would be obliged to set them to be edited.
chris3000 5 months ago
  Is Block Travel 7.3 possible!?

@suhangha: I PM'd you on the Discord chat, please look at it asap. Merry christmas to Nelson and the rest of the gang. We are having a arctic coldfront coming through the next couple days. We have plenty of food, blankets, water, and entertainment (TV,laptop,etc).

Hope you guys stay warm and safe.
suhangha-2 5 months ago
  Thanks for respect, :)
nelson90 5 months ago
  OK Suhangha-2, I understand and respect your choice. I will mark them to be edited.

Edit: done
suhangha-2 5 months ago
  to be honestly I don't want my personality to be publicized in a bad way
I vote affirmatively for level producers
maybe renaming is better positive
nelson90 5 months ago
  I agree with GIS. I will leave the accepted levels (121 to 152) as is, unless you still want to rename them.

Many thanks for renaming the levels and proving that they were all possible, I can accept them now.
gameinsky 5 months ago
  I personally don't think there's much worth to do that to already accepted levels tbh.
suhangha-2 5 months ago

Please unaccept 121 to 152
I need to rename designer-union levels

I don't think 7.M is extremely hard and difficult

10.M is possible without any balls but I would like stay it because really difficult

please note that my levels spyed from universter is tolerably possible unless edited inside
chris3000 5 months ago
  The following levels are not possible/no one has scored.

108 Dozenal Hexign
107 Royal Sinkhole

I doubt I'll be solving much more cause really why waste time on a level I don't think I'm going to be able to do. Well I will be going to play Simon's games for a long while, until I'm able to get more help here. I will keep designing levels in my style here periodically but it's fixing to be a new year and i'm not going to be stressed about a game so, maybe if I come back in a good while I'll be refreshed and maybe tackle the hard ones.
nelson90 5 months ago
  @suhangha-2: I would like to accept your levels 153 to 168, but there are still two pending problems:
- as said in a previous post, I will only accept possible levels. I would like that you score on your extremely hard levels: Block Travel 7.M, Block Travel 10.M, level 153, levels 155 to 159.
- GIS asked you to give your levels a name that is relevant. Please change the title of levels 153 to 168.
magnacumlaud 5 months ago
  Message removed...
chris3000 5 months ago
  Hey Nelson, I read your message and did everything you told me to do in my recent levels. Fixed all thumbnails and changed the category to easy in "8600 Solved".

Well I won't be on as much as I used to. I play racing games (Gran Turismo) on my Playstation 4. Doing other things to occupy me.
suhangha-2 5 months ago
  thanks but I used inspiration instead of my own design since Universter began

I understand what you mean

level designers, thank for template bases
magnacumlaud 5 months ago
  edit: your welcome would be nice to get a title too

@suhangha-2 really challenging levels in the new packs

but lots of copycat from Bees Pack in Block Travel World 2

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