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chris3000 5 months ago
  Thank you pig, maybe soon I will go back to playing this some, I need to get away from Blockoban and BB2, I've been playing it a lot the past 2-3 years.
suhangha 5 months ago
  Congratulations wow
pig 5 months ago
  I have been okay yeah, a lot of stuff going on in life.. It's fun to revisit these old games, even the ones I used to hate back in the day:) how about you? Doing good?

Also if you want, I can give tips for the levels you are stuck on.
chris3000 5 months ago
  Hey, welcome back pig! I didn't notice you were here the other day. I never play CDvZP anymore, the levels got too hard for me so I gave up for now. How have you been? Are you doing okay?
pig 5 months ago
  Every official completed! There is of course a ton of levels that I can improve on, but there are a LOT of annoying ones that I do not ever wanna touch again (looking at you SDMv2: Shopping) I'll see if I can improve my position tomorrow. Pretty fun game overall:)
Mmmmmm 3 years ago
  Message removed...
chris3000 3 years ago
  So Dynamo, how many officials do you have left, and which ones do you think that was the hardest? I can't cope with this game. I got real frustrated back then.
Dynamo 3 years ago
  Mission? Accomplished. Zombies? Annihilated. Hotel? Trivago.
chris3000 3 years ago
  Good work, sadly I quit playing it 4 years ago because the last 15 to 20 officials got too tough for me. That's why I wish I had a machine to help me cheat on some of them, but GIS and Elizea would not like that.
Dynamo 3 years ago
  Finally beat Portal 3 after all these years, now I've made it to the final 9, they're getting pretty tough! Aiming for a top 10 score here now too! :D
chris3000 4 years ago
  Yeah, when he hasn't been at BL for 5 to 6 years then ye probably won't come back at all. I don't play the game anymore cause it was difficult for me.
PineappleDude 4 years ago
  The creator hasn't been online for 5 years, unfortunately, so don't count on it.
NotEevee 4 years ago
  Gun feels super off to use, even for it standards. Sometimes, it will fire at the zombie, but sometimes, it doesn't. I sometime look at the zombie and the gun doesn't fire. I hover my cursor over the zombie and it may or may not fire it. Is it even possible to update these games anymore or what?
chris3000 4 years ago
  This game is totally dead. There really should be checkpoints that way if the zombies attack you, you can start from the last one you reached.
koko11az 6 years ago
  nice one <:3
funguy161 8 years ago
  The Editor Gltched! My New Level Is Ruined!!!!!
gameinsky 8 years ago
  @ globbruh there's nothing wrong with using kirby as an avatar. Like I said, it's an avatar. People use characters all the times as their avatar. It's also not your duty to moderate them, that would be mine. You're right now just being mean to him.
globbruhtopstick 8 years ago
  KIRBY DIDN'T SAY THAT PIECE OF STUPIDNESS! D:< TotallyEpicDude321, you're not supposed to have Kirby as your profile picture, becuz he's ugly in profile pic.
benmario 8 years ago
  Zombies in the 60s?!
funguy161 8 years ago
  Cameras and medics are the most annoying zombie types in the whole game!
AK 9 years ago
  Thanks for all of the help with the unplayable levels Gameinsky. I'll be playing all the levels and checking if any more of them are missing buttons, can't get into areas, etc.
totallyepicdude321 9 years ago
  it was the zompocolapse of 92'... there had been no recent reports or "stages" for me to complete... suddenly, people from around the world compiled files on a website... I have 30 more missions to complete.
Treazer 9 years ago
  I just encountered a strange bug which made a mix between a normal zombie and a medic one appear, lol. It was the face of a medic one, but the rest was of a normal zombie. xD
Treazer 9 years ago
  I just got the same, it was when playing a level and then clicking a tab outside of the game (the help tab to be exact).
burfy 9 years ago
  Then it must be something with your pc/keyboard? Try other keyboard if you can. Or your PC may be too slow (any suspicious processess running in background?)
AK 9 years ago
  Unfortunately, it seems that it does it for every level I play.
burfy 9 years ago
  Is it just with specific levels or always? I experienced this too but only on some levels...
AK 9 years ago
  Does anyone know how to fix the incredibly annoying bad controls? I can't control the player anymore, it keeps getting stuck on one key.
gameinsky 9 years ago
  I don't think so, but I'll see if I can bug Gundu to come here once in a while :P
AK 9 years ago
  Are any admins still here? I wanted to start making a lot of levels here...

Captain Dan v Zombie Plan developed by Captain_404

Sneak around the zombies until you find the gun, then get all of them before they get you!

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