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SuperMario 9 years ago
  Honorable mentions:

11. Stars Witness (By Elizea): Exceptional challenge, great design and story.

12. Mists of Netherworld (By Kirrock): Water themed level, which is amazing!

13. Elegance (by CamoDragoon): Old-time gameplay, a little short but with an excellent design taste.

14. Mountain Rails (By Elizea): I know it has not a good gameplay, but the DESIGN! :(

15. Spring Speeder (By kiethy342): My favourite of the ramp series!

16. Battery Station (By gameinsky): An instant classic, if this game had more community.

17. Down Auto Underneath (By Ferrari12): My other favourite Ferrari12 level.

18. Corners Challenge (By Pof): Great challenge, and oh my god! That beautiful lines again! :D

19. Enter The Nature (By Gundu): Gundu never made bad levels, and this proves it.

20. Beauty and Glory (By Kirrock): The comeback of a legend.

Collabs I wanted to put in the list (collabs weren't allowed):

Guardian Angel (By Pof and Masquerade): Wow, just wow! This is a flawless level. One that I could play over and over! The fusion of those Mario characters with this awesome gameplay is fantastic. Congratulations for making a level that if it weren't a collab, I would put it in the top spot.

Chaotic Rift (By Sillius and Gameinsky): Best auto ever woohohohoho!

3 Adventurers (By Pof, Ferrari12 and CamoDragoon): Great adventure. It felt like Indiana Jones. :P
SuperMario 9 years ago
  8. Happiness Valley!
Made by: Ferrari12

Okay to be honest, about my choices of levels, the designers will be the same, but not at all.

So back on track, this level is fun, and gives me nostalgia everytime I play it. Actually, It's because that level was from the Nostalgia Contest 2011, and so far, my favourite contest of all of them.

I'm sorry for not voting for your level and instead replacing it with Portal Corp. :(

My favourite part? The Bouncer and the BG togheter! Those were gold.

7. Christmas Time!
Made by: gundu

You: A gundu level! Finally!
I'll be honest... again. Gundu USED to be my favourite designer. Until people like Kirrock, Pof, CamoDragoon and later Kiethy came. They made a great design innovation.

But we are not talking about them this time. Lets talk about... Christmas, in Spring. This level is great, and has a great platform concept too. The Christmas Tree climbing was good because It's a better made geckojsc level, I don't remember it's name.

Merry Christmas, in 8 months, folks. :)
Ferrari12 9 years ago
  I hope you feel like reviewing the others soon. I'm kind of curious to see what you're going to write about my level! :P
SuperMario 9 years ago
  I gotta review them!

10. The world of JG2
Made by: Kirrock

You should have expected a kirrock level of my list. No I'm not the next kirrock, in case you're wondering (though I know I have a similar design style as him).

I still find funny the fact that this is one of his earliest levels and one of his best rated. Well there's a main reason why this is pretty great: Innovation.
This level is full of innovation at design (mostly at background design, which is not only the "design" here), and the gameplay is pretty decent. The only little flaw on it is that it's pretty short and the ending a bit rushed. But what could you expect? It was one of his earliest. :) This level is very fun to play.

9. Tiny Kingdom
Made by: Pof

Well what we've got here? A level from my real favourite JG2 designer.
This clean, beautiful level has a fresh concept of "no jumps" challenge. And the level who inspired me to make my level "fantasy valley".
I like this level, it's a level that never leaves me bored, and great to do a Highscore fight. Bravo Pof! You did it again!

Next reviews ehh... when I want to :P

Jump Gear 2 developed by jp

Jump over the hills, and race against time. Do flips and backflips for bonus points.

Pack My Top 10 created by SuperMario

Top 10 best JG2 levels. First one is number 10, last one is number 1.

Feel free to make your own. But remember, officials and collabs aren't allowed.

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