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SuperMario 10 years ago
  No, this is Patrick!
ThisIsMyUsername 10 years ago
  This pack is overkill...
SuperMario 10 years ago
  I suggest the addition of Pulsing Hard and Safe Hot Spots.
Treazer 10 years ago
  Invale castle, a suggestion for your pack, Timu.

Nice pack, SM :)
ThisIsMyUsername 10 years ago
  But I'm doing it now :)
SuperMario 10 years ago
  i had that idea a while ago.
ThisIsMyUsername 10 years ago
  Too lazy :(
And there will be another challenge later, I'm making a pack for hardest levels :)
SuperMario 10 years ago
  A.K.A: challenge for the 4 mouse gods

Path 4 Mouse developed by Hexicube

Move your mouse through the maze to win!

Pack My hard levels created by SuperMario

Some hard levels i've made.

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