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Mmmmmm 3 years ago
Ahroo 13 years ago
  Believe it or not, there was an indian guy named Sushmit back in my NL school... he gets most of the name trolling. xD
Hexicube 13 years ago
  with a name like yours I find that incredibly hard to believe :P
Ahroo 13 years ago
  I never do, net or life. :p
Hexicube 13 years ago
  I do in person, which is why I rarely do over the net :D
lol also one of the funniest first posts :P
chris3000 13 years ago
  it's ok marc, but i do kinda take stuff seriously
rocky 13 years ago
  I think it's funny that the first comment is by jp saying "yo". lawl :D
gamelover101 13 years ago
  Thumbs down for vvouter!!!
Hexicube 13 years ago
  uh hes lolling at me saying duh to him :P
birjolaxew 13 years ago
  If you want this to stop, you'll really need to start acting less "cool"; meant as stop "lolling" when you obviously feel bad about it. Writing lol gives the impression that you like it, and find it funny.
chris3000 13 years ago
  don't you duh me marc, lol
SuperMario 13 years ago
  He's not dead, obviosly HIS ACCOUNT is dead, I think :s

And you can't fool us, vvouter.
Ahroo 13 years ago
  But we KNOW that he's playing MS... the easiest explaination for Wouter, since we don't know what he's doing, is that he's dead. :p
gundu 13 years ago
  He's not dead...

It's not because he left BL or something that HE IS dead, Look, Shiro isn't dead
pauloalex 13 years ago
  the true wouter died. R.I.P.
Hexicube 13 years ago the comments...
I think if it WAS Wouter then the only reason for not using the old account would be forgot about it and thus doesnt know PW
chris3000 13 years ago
  that's just someone disguised as wouter, lol
Hexicube 13 years ago
  lol...EAT THIS :P
also yeah vvouter you just pretty sure if you were Wouter your account would have games on it and a good level
LukeTheFunJester 13 years ago
  xD Okay I think we keep postong we all get limited so stop after this post
birjolaxew 13 years ago
  Ok now, stop feeding the trolls. Do not comment. Or we'll be doomed!
LukeTheFunJester 13 years ago
  vvouter you should stop hiding behind somone else's life.
birjolaxew 13 years ago
  Sounds quite interesting. Even though I find it hard to believe.

Any proof that you're actually Wouter? Either way, we'll get to know when JP gets back online.

[Edit] Saw the games you created... JP, we need to shut this guy down...
joe45 13 years ago
  Fake account...
Ferrari12 13 years ago
  You don't fool me vvouter. The old was Wouter. And he wasn't 20 years old.
LukeTheFunJester 13 years ago
  Ok, I want to know off JP if 'Wouter' Is back.
vvouter 13 years ago
  I want to suprise you^^
LukeTheFunJester 13 years ago
  I cant belive you, IF Wouter did come back, He'd tell JP
vvouter 13 years ago
  Hey people!
I'm back and want to finish my games, sorry i had personal problems, wich i can't tell. As you can see i changed my avatar to 'normal' mode i don't like the old anymore.
Treazer 13 years ago
  oh, damn it lol :_
Hexicube 13 years ago
  oh, damn it lol :_

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