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chris3000 5 years ago
  good night...
gamelover101 5 years ago
  The tiem has come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
SuperMario 5 years ago
  Message removed...
SuperMario 5 years ago
  Message removed...
SuperMario 5 years ago
  Message removed...
SuperMario 5 years ago
  Message removed...
SuperMario 5 years ago
  Message removed...
gamelover101 5 years ago
  Stop blabbing about Hatena!
AK 5 years ago
  Anyone know if MARC has been on? I need him on TeamViewer...

LOL allyally, that would be super popular if that was in Hatena!
Daft_Punk 5 years ago
  Cool animation!
allyally 5 years ago
rocky 6 years ago
  No posts for 3 days?!
Hexicube 6 years ago
  holy s**t that was posted yesterday :O
birjolaxew 6 years ago
  ... What? ...
gamelover101 6 years ago
  Naw, I didn't register yet.
gameinsky 6 years ago
  Ah, that's like on the parodius.
You could chose between male female and other!?
allyally 6 years ago
  Did you tick it?
gamelover101 6 years ago
  Wow, I just saw the weirdest thing ever!

I went to a registration page on a website, and under the Sex pane was

and OTHER?!

edit: gtg
gamelover101 6 years ago
  What'd you say?

Try to decode this!

Da2niel2 and Je2n2ifr had piz2a y2e2strda.
SuperDog 6 years ago
  Slantiperitontiloustrepponderousallipinidellopraxicavallies adventurously underestimating polonictusoritalistupinchiklorotwastilietryvderebiqueazixopildirotiolessonictusses.

The first and last words were, of course, made up.
chris3000 6 years ago
rocky 6 years ago
gamelover101 6 years ago
chris3000 6 years ago
gamelover101 6 years ago
  Aw crap, another advertiser?
chris3000 6 years ago
SuperDog 6 years ago
  Who is this????????
Grazilda09 6 years ago
  Hi birjolaxew . This is a great information. This update would make it a lot convenient. Ability to type the size instead of only using the "+" and "-" buttons is also a big plus factor. Thanks! :)

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gamelover101 6 years ago
  start spam.exe



First post of the topic

niimporta 7 years ago
  Here you can post EVERYTHING you wan't.
So, let's GO!

**!!Knobs are allowed, but only if you use them with parsimony!!**

Ideas to post:

Pictures of the editor of levels
Something about games
Interesting stuff (like The canopener has been invented 42 years after the can)
Funny things
Funny Pictures
Funny videos
Funny histories
Or not funny histories
Spam (like PIE PIE PIE...)
and more..
Weird thing from other language (like PIE means feet in spanish..)
Do what U wan't, but don't insult!
And no flooding, we don't want to get drowned in messages (flooding = posting big messages)

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