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lololol 4 years ago
  Me too. It's very tickling, isn't it mister Jasper?
jasperpostema 4 years ago
  I'm Possessed
xile 4 years ago
  Have you heard the one about a baby seal walking into a club.
jasperpostema 4 years ago

Epic Fail
SuperMario 4 years ago
  Wut? You can't?
jasperpostema 4 years ago
  I can't enter the chat any more, so I am bored...
SuperMario 5 years ago
  I'm a pirate! Argh! ()_O
AK 5 years ago
  I see lag from too much syntax in our future.... O_____________O

NarmoIanya/Shiro is back!!!!!!!!!! 8D

Star Tower is up and running again. The level editor might actually be done before the game is. XDDDD
Masquerade 5 years ago
  Im kinda tirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeed
( -.-)
Magic_X 5 years ago
SuperMario 5 years ago
  You need 7 tickets to buy 7 tickets!
gamelover101 5 years ago
  A wise man once told me:

What is is and what isn't isn't. What it is is a whole different matter.
SuperMario 5 years ago
  Too much green!
gamelover101 5 years ago
AK 5 years ago
  A pie flavored pie????

SuperMario 5 years ago
gamelover101 5 years ago
SuperMario 5 years ago
  This lvl lags!!
gamelover101 5 years ago
theepicgoomba 5 years ago
  it is 2/20/12, guess what...

its PRESIDENTS DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SuperMario 5 years ago
  Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees you cacacacacacacacan!!
SuperDog 5 years ago
  Here you can post EVERYTHING you wan''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''t
SuperMario 5 years ago
  U want moar yoyos?

gamelover101 5 years ago
SuperMario 5 years ago
  I luv BonusLevel!!
Coolguy52 5 years ago
  If you think about it, I can't post any thing because it says 'offtopic post' and you say 'Everything'
SuperMario 5 years ago
  Yo-yo-yo oh wait it's just a yoyo!
gamelover101 5 years ago
SuperMario 5 years ago
  Windoh's 7
SuperMario 5 years ago
  Windows 7


First post of the topic

niimporta 7 years ago
  Here you can post EVERYTHING you wan't.
So, let's GO!

**!!Knobs are allowed, but only if you use them with parsimony!!**

Ideas to post:

Pictures of the editor of levels
Something about games
Interesting stuff (like The canopener has been invented 42 years after the can)
Funny things
Funny Pictures
Funny videos
Funny histories
Or not funny histories
Spam (like PIE PIE PIE...)
and more..
Weird thing from other language (like PIE means feet in spanish..)
Do what U wan't, but don't insult!
And no flooding, we don't want to get drowned in messages (flooding = posting big messages)

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