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Topic, Level "roadblocks", game "BLockoban"

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jp 12 years ago
  Thx, I was not aware of this. Certainly a bug. I will look into this.
CamoDragoon 13 years ago
  This level glitches big-time on the Iphone. It spawns white blocks on all of the walls, so they have some sort of invisible barrier and this makes the level completeable in 3 moves. Is it just me or what?
Jyxz 14 years ago
  Delete spoiler comment?
johinnre 15 years ago
  cool level
jp 16 years ago
  Oops yes, should have think more. Nice level.
wouter 16 years ago
jp 16 years ago
  Is it possible ???


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jp 16 years ago
  Is it possible ???
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