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greyanna 5 years ago
  There are really nice and challenging levels in this pack but i miss one proper authentic hard one. Guess the creator is not able to design one.
gameinsky 5 years ago
  They're not actually 'official packs' just 'top packs". As for why, I thought Elizea had a reason not to do it, but I only just found out he doesn't have the powers to do that, so after thinking about it for a bit I decided to make it a top pack.
oldmanrob 5 years ago
  Is there any reason why this pack can not be an official one?
LadersHD 5 years ago
  I think, yes.
oldmanrob 5 years ago
  Probably many of you know already what is the idea behind this pack. For all the others I will tell again. Playing for 10 years now Blockoban I noted that many of the creators have a personal style, different from the style of anybody else. Sometimes looking at the thumbnail is sufficient to know who the creator is. So I have decided to honor all level-makers by creating a level (or a song as I call it) for every person that ever created a level at my favourite game.

For me it was a big fun and a great pleasure to do it. The first thing I did was playing all or at least many levels created by the same person. This had the beneficial side effect that I was able to solve some level that seemed unsolvable before and to improve my score in many more. But the goal was to spot the style. For some levelmakers this was easy (DLX, lmr and othrs have a recognizable style in most of their levels). For others I created an “hybrid” of two or more of their levels (for the first one “Song of jp” I used the tricks from his levels “The a” and “The fan”). For other it was hard for two reasons: 1) some like Camo who created over 2000 levels there was no identificable style beside that each and every was great and different. 2) other like DLX, pauloalex, Simon have a clear style but their level are hard. Find something that fulfill my and (I hope) their expectation was hard work. That’s all. If you have any questions just ask and I will try to give you an answer.

PS to the administration
Can this pack become an official pack?
oldmanrob 5 years ago
  The song pack is ready for play. Tomorrow I'll write something more about it.

BLockoban developed by jp

A puzzle game inspired by Sokoban and Cubeoban.
Try also BLockoban for iPhone.

Pack Great Blockoban Songbook created by oldmanrob

A song made by omr for every person who ever created levels at Blockoban.

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