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Coolguy52 5 years ago
  If a player scored on this pack before the pack was changed - then the score would update to display the current amount of levels they have scored on when they play it. suhangha had this as the original pack for Jellies Challenge. Then, he changed this pack to his Rally series - of which he has scored on no levels. This means that his score is 0 moves for 0 levels.
LadersHD 5 years ago
  how 0 moves 0 levels is possible?
suhangha 5 years ago
  If it is here, is not it good?
Coolguy52 5 years ago
  I have fixed my score here - some very tricky levels in this pack - not sure if I’ll ever do them all.
suhangha 5 years ago
  Rally pack.
Can you Check please?

Jellify developed by SimonM

Combine the jellies flying through space!

Pack Rally levels created by suhangha

Enjoy the STcial Mod plex made Rally Levels!

BLockoban Rally levels:
STcial Mod plex Rally BB (BLockoban)

Newly commented levels

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