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chris3000 3 months ago
  I wonder how far this game and Puzzleit will go. I can't believe I haven't really made that many levels here and Jellify is 6 years old. It was released in 2018.
PuzzleFan 4 months ago
  Where are the hints that you showed us?
suhangha 5 months ago
  Right now is a good time to save scores in this series. I hope hints will help. Good luck
suhangha 5 months ago
  It seems like the Primal series has begun in earnest. This series (5 to 8) is easier than "Wild & Electric 6, 7 (4 lunatic difficulty levels)" and "Disaster Wave 1 to 4", but there are still 2 levels that are just My scores.
still, tbh, I showed the some of hint that series in spoilers for you guys: My Topic

I thought Primal-6 was only possible with solution:
But My bad, missed more bad solutions:
001 | 000
0#1 | 0#0
001 | 111
That level, still nobody scored
chris3000 5 months ago
  Or, I could message you in the Discord chat through a PM, I'd feel more comfortable if we do it that way because then I can screenshot parts of the level I'm stuck on. That would be the best route to go.
Coolguy52 5 months ago
  I'll happily give some hints for levels. I will say that building up to the hardest levels is the best general tip I can offer. It's one thing having the knowledge of how tricks work, but actually implementing them can be another difficulty all to itself. Again, this is best learned with playing through easier levels. I will give more specific tips for levels you are stuck on though (that is, if I remember how to solve them...)

EDIT: Whichever way you want to ask me for a hint, I will do my best to provide one (when I am available of course).
chris3000 5 months ago
  You think you could give me some hints in a spoiler if I let you know what levels I'm stuck on? If you don't mind. I am getting ready to go to bed so it may be this weekend before I PM you about it.
Coolguy52 5 months ago
  That series may be hard but they are so brilliant, I think as a very experienced Jellify Player it gives me the feeling of trying to solve the original levels at first. I don't know how much a complete list of their easier counterparts would help you, but much easier versions of these levels exist. Those based on my levels are the most surreal, as it genuinely takes me back to testing for some of them and wondering if they were at all possible (especially given my levels are quite old, and I have improved a lot at the game).

I don't know if I gave this advice, but trying to beat every beginner level is a good start for learning this game (at least that's what I did). This helps with learning all of the tricks, as most tricks exist in isolation in the easiest category of levels). Getting up to speed to the point where most intermediates will take a few minutes to work and, and you can also solve the odd advanced or expert is a sign that you have massively improved! Overall, the best way to get better at Jellify is to play lots of Jellify.
chris3000 7 months ago
  The holynight Gummies series is hard. Takes a lot of skill and focusing to master them all, however I am not at that stage yet as I have many things to study about this game. There are many certain tricks you can use for the more advanced levels of Jellify. Maybe you guys can help me out.
suhangha-2 7 months ago
  Early release for Primal 5 to 8

Total is lawnhome (tutorial series) + 11 worlds of series

8 is the end for series:
PuzzleFan 7 months ago
  Good, how many more series will you make, they are amazing and interesting to play.
suhangha-2 7 months ago
  Good news, I'm glad it's showing some (not completely) signs of jurassic, those levels state to ready to approve!
Primal 5
Primal 6
Primal 7
Primal 8

Alternate UniverZ 10 (BLockoban 2)

Universe It 10 (Puzzle It)

There's hints on my topic
Primal 5 to 8 is possible
chris3000 10 months ago
  I'm gonna try my hand at this soon, maybe i'll get my skills/taste back in this game.
chris3000 11 months ago
  I haven't played this in about a year, I really need to get back into the game and read the tutorials to help guide me. I've been busy this summer moving/packing stuff.
suhangha 1 year ago
  hey rate levels first before scored
Coolguy52 1 year ago
  Your Gummies series really is some of your greatest in my opinion. I am honoured that you chose a couple of my levels to revamp and make into unique and more difficult challenges, though so far I have only managed the first one!
chris3000 1 year ago
  It's been almost a month since I played this. Need to get back to it though.
suhangha 1 year ago
  Please rates (:

Personally I think gummies 8 is the most absolutely perfect Thanks to Coolguy, well made your gimmicks! I tried many times this level and finally found absolutely useful solution . as another gateway, I found a solution to struggling for Gummies 5 . I essentially set the goal of series as expert levels with useful gimmick

Note: JF and HNGummies is one series of parts.
suhangha 1 year ago

all 10 levels excellent, people knows? Personally I think gummies 8 is the most absolutely perfect Thanks to Coolguy, well made your gimmicks! I tried many times this level and finally found absolutely useful solution . as another gateway, I found a solution to struggling for Gummies 5 . I essentially set the goal of series as expert levels with useful gimmick

Thank you for the compliment!

but more levels of that series are more challenging
Thanks to the inspiration in your level, successfully made it into more better level

the series must be hardest but i think it will be most beautiful in the game Jellify!
Coolguy52 1 year ago
  So far the first two levels are amazing - I love the twists on classic levels! I understand that to make good quality difficult levels takes time and I appreciate the level of effort you put into your levels - they're always brilliant. Cannot quite solve HolyNight Gummies 2 but I think I have the major strategy, just struggling with the solution, as I did with Rings nearly 5 years ago now! In my opinion the fact that this level brings out the feeling of struggling on the original as I was just starting is the most impressive part of the level!
suhangha 1 year ago
  Complementing the series that was not completed in end of 2019, then before corona. It's originally level 20, but it's about 10 so far, not so easy to make levels of tough series oh
Series: Holy Night Gummies
suhangha 1 year ago

I just made Disaster Wave 1 to 4
levels are difficult but I wish stay puzzle in level because I accidentally solved difficulties
I made another beach level Universe It 9 (Puzzle It)

Alternate UniverZ 9 (BLockoban 2)
chris3000 1 year ago
  I really need to go back to playing this, just haven't had any motivation. See this is more advanced and complex than the Blockoban games I think. This deals with gravity and more different unique blocks. And fire/ice are included in the mix.
suhangha-2 1 year ago
  Class levels they all has no official. Nevertheless, Some of them have a beautiful solution as if it is an official!
john96 1 year ago
  Wow suhangha, there are so many great,dazzling puzzles that you have created. Very shocked that more of them did not get official. Some are very original and fun to play!
suhangha-2 1 year ago
  how far will this series go?

jhon96, veteran levels is 5 to up

4 veteran levels for Ancient, Complex, Electric, Sinking, Primal, Wild

Lawn home: 6 stages

Ancient: 8 stages

Sinking: 8 stages

Wild: 8 stages

Frost: 4 stages

Colorful: 4 stages

Electric: 8 stages

Night: 6 stages

Music: 4 stages

Primal: 8 stages

Wave: 4 stages

Complex: 8 stages
chris3000 1 year ago
  Thank you Simon, now we can see where we are in the global one. Good for keeping track of our scores. Hope you're doing okay. How's school/university going?
SimonM 1 year ago
  I updated all category packs and Jelly tournament.
chris3000 2 years ago
  I haven't played this in a year so I'm sure I'll have to play the tutorial levels again, you're not alone!
Dynamo 2 years ago
  Oh god I'm so out of practice here it's not even funny, gonna have to basically relearn this game! :'(

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