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oldmanrob 9 years ago
  I add some more games in this pack today. Please accept the challenge and have fun.
Treazer 9 years ago
  Ah, OK, I didn't know it.
oldmanrob 9 years ago
  Yes it is intended. I had the HS on these levels. It was a challenge and the community (usually The S) won. I don't think I should take out of the pack the beaten levels.
Treazer 9 years ago
  Equalized here: Jumbled Forcemess. :)
And you haven't got the highscore here: Freestyler.
Same here (you share the highscore): Locked and Blocked.
And here: Black Force Field.
Here: Find a way Around.
He Gonna Get It.
Little Earth.
Unblock It 4.
Toy Twins.
Almost Mirrored.
Magnet Eraser.
Never Simple....
Shuffle Square.

Wow, The_S is the cause for the most highscores...

OK, there are many levels in which you aren't the only one with the highscore. Is this intented? If it would be, there would have to be all the kids levels in this pack and many more from other categories.
oldmanrob 9 years ago
  The update is donne. I hope you will have fun and beat my HS.

There is something fun with Lazy white. It was on the challenge pack but it was beaten by The S. Now I beat it back. Maybe even one move less is possible.

Of course it would be a great honour for me to be trusted.
Treazer 9 years ago
  I wonder why you aren't trusted. You should be, imo.
oldmanrob 9 years ago
  May I update the pack? There are some new highscores on the easy levels to add.
Jos 10 years ago
  Doesn't matter. I discovered it just now. Approved.
oldmanrob 10 years ago
  sorry Jos. i forgot to inform that im done with the update. please forgive me. it will (not) happen again.
Jos 10 years ago
  Are you waiting for evaluation, oldmanrob, or are you still updating it?
The_S 10 years ago
  New challenge: Beat my highscores :)
oldmanrob 10 years ago
  @bbdest yes, the one i am/was the only one with highscore.
@The_S good donne. go on, guy.
The_S 10 years ago
  I improved several highscores (5 or 6). No time for more :)
bbdest 10 years ago
  Wait. So all these levels are the ones you have (had) the high scores on?
oldmanrob 10 years ago
  donne. go for it guys. i know you can do it.
SimonM 10 years ago
  Of course you can!
oldmanrob 10 years ago
  can i update this pack? i will not remove any of the levels you have beaten but i chalange you on 18 levels more.
Treazer 10 years ago
  Got highscores on Never Simple... and Sideswept :D
SimonM 11 years ago
  A good way to create competition. A shame I can't compete very good, I'll have to complete a few levels.
oldmanrob 11 years ago
  Well guys, the hunting season is open.

Puzzle It developed by SimonM

Clear all blocks to complete a level.
Puzzle It!

Pack Oldman's Challenge created by oldmanrob

Beat my Highscores!

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