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SimonM 3 years ago
  No need to riot. Very few people play Puzzle It unfortunately.
suhangha 3 years ago
  360000th BonusLevel Message: Nobody visits this pack, From now on, I will start rioting.

And this collection is for beginners of "Puzzle it", and even the first visitor of "Puzzle it" can start at this collection.
It's actually easier than the official levels!
suhangha 4 years ago
  Public often visit pack - ready state
suhangha 4 years ago
  Hello, Mod plex(suhangha). This pack adds a positive meaning of tranquility and is more advanced, and in terms of original / weird / skill, almost Levels is nicely symmetrical (with Egypt/Iceage). Levels are never difficult! Easy as 1-3! Rockoban 36 and SP 24 can beat if anyone are patient! You guys will be able to challenge all levels / series! It is total 72 levels and is very basic. As in the riots, The 2020 Puzzle it is of course THIS PACK indeed!

Anyone can be the Puzzle it beginner.
Enjoy anyway!

Puzzle It developed by SimonM

Clear all blocks to complete a level.
Puzzle It!

Pack Peaceful Amuse-Park 2020 created by suhangha

Pack established for peace.

Rockoban + Spring Pie + etc.
1~3 Difficulty
Pack for Egypt/Iceage to Equated

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