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Level "The other side" from the game "BLockoban"

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The other side
  • Official level Official level
  • Created by wouter 15 years ago.
  • Updated 13 years ago.
  • 2 comments. Last comment 13 years ago by minimariner.
  • Rating 4.24/5 (19 raters)
  • 6638 plays
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0yvind15 moves
burfy15 moves
starrie15 moves
TaRjE15 moves
Andy15 moves
erikhell15 moves
tiri2315 moves
cheese915 moves
Roalb15 moves
digitank15 moves
Mo15 moves
boogiebee15 moves
patio0915 moves
B​i​g​m​a​r​k​u​s​2​7​15 moves
radek856715 moves
oldmanrob15 moves
blixem15 moves
kjgrant15 moves
M​a​r​t​i​n​f​r​a​K​o​n​g​s​b​e​r​g​15 moves
jdr15 moves
nani15 moves
pauloalex15 moves
Maira15 moves
Ita115 moves
nelson9015 moves
Hofhenke_15 moves
Jos15 moves
Daje1415 moves
b​e​c​k​e​n​h​e​i​m​e​r​15 moves
gundu15 moves
jacci15 moves
t​o​d​o​p​o​d​e​r​o​s​o​r​9​15 moves
G​a​r​y​g​o​h​8​8​4​15 moves
oldmtnguy15 moves
J​y​x​z​_​S​h​a​d​o​w​15 moves
molto15 moves
chris300015 moves
murat15 moves
mediha15 moves
Rorrim15 moves
ToughMan15 moves
dcoco15 moves
AK15 moves
rocky15 moves
greyanna15 moves
lmr15 moves
C​a​m​o​D​r​a​g​o​o​n​15 moves
Monty15 moves
Aowyn15 moves
SimonM15 moves
MUNOZ15 moves
m​a​g​n​a​c​u​m​l​a​u​d​15 moves
ToriBorn15 moves
thema15 moves
bbdest15 moves
b​o​n​u​s​b​o​n​u​s​15 moves
gamma7315 moves
s​v​a​r​t​g​r​y​n​i​n​g​15 moves
domika15 moves
Blanka15 moves
small15 moves
SuperDog15 moves
suhangha15 moves
A​n​t​h​o​n​y​N​V​A​15 moves
p​u​d​e​l​m​u​e​t​z​e​n​n​a​s​h​o​r​n​ 15 moves
wouter16 moves
Matty16 moves
Asforien16 moves
99rand16 moves
tonje16 moves
rayex16 moves
minmay16 moves
geej6616 moves
vergeot16 moves
PandaFace16 moves
ddwa16 moves
V​i​r​t​u​a​l​g​o​o​s​e​16 moves
maroni16 moves
Dynomite16 moves
loveberry16 moves
pbs16 moves
o​n​e​s​f​r​i​e​n​d​16 moves
m​a​r​k​o​f​d​i​e​g​o​16 moves
BAL3245316 moves
e​l​e​c​t​r​a​s​3​6​d​16 moves
DBD16 moves
Eye_Gore16 moves
s​y​c​o​r​a​x​i​m​p​e​r​a​t​o​r​16 moves
xtgirl16 moves
HIMACHAN16 moves
S​u​p​e​r​M​a​r​i​o​16 moves
dama4416 moves
tom12233316 moves
paralit16 moves
austrian16 moves
c​r​a​z​y​p​i​n​k​l​a​d​y​16 moves
Recon16 moves
p​e​p​i​n​l​e​b​r​e​f​16 moves
mandapple16 moves
Stevej16 moves
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