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Treazer 2 months ago
  Oh yeah, silly me^^
Luckily, I only had to mirror the 5 :)
gameinsky 2 months ago
  The CoBaCoLi award shows 500...
Treazer 2 months ago
Complete 300 levels of Ringmania 2.5!
EXP +50

Athletic Cursor
Complete 500 levels of Path 4 Mouse!
EXP +100

Treble Trouble
Complete a combined number of 2500 levels in PI, BB and BB2. (at least 500 in every game)
EXP +150

Completion Addict
Complete 5000 approved levels.
EXP +100

Pro Gamer
Complete 1000 official levels.
EXP +100

Passion for Detail
Score 1000 points on Wonderworks (Rolling Turtle).
EXP +50

Design Master
Create 100 approved levels.
EXP +75

reaching the sun
Complete 400 levels of Push!
EXP +100

Angle Genius
Complete 200 levels of CoBaCoLi!
EXP +50

Complete 300 levels of CDvZP!
EXP +50

These are all the awards for now. I'll contact jp asap. :)

@ jp
There's a spelling mistake in the level id in demonicyoshi's medal from the summer contest (it should be 33998).
CamoDragoon 2 months ago
  My statement still stands. He was referencing the kalina post (saying the level 50 and level 70 awards are good I believe) but then explained why he didn't like the others.
Treazer 2 months ago
  I mean his first sentence, though.
CamoDragoon 2 months ago
  @Treazer, I think GIS was talking about kalina's post. And I agree with his statements, other than the fact that he said "150 levels in a day" when (whether through a misread or an edited comment) kalina said 50.
Treazer 2 months ago
  Were you talking about the pictures I made or the suggestions by kalina?

I can make new images for the 5k and 1k awards, what do you suggest?
gameinsky 2 months ago
  I like the level awards, all the other awards are bad in design.

The first one forces you to start spamming.
The second one is almost impossible.
Playing 150 levels in a day is quite a lot, and frankly too much. It's also not a clever award idea.
kalina200 2 months ago
post 100 comments in a day

be Rank 1 in 1 game

Great BL player
Reach level 50 on BL
EXP+0 (just a reward no xp)

Super BL player
Reach level 70 on BL
EXP+0 (just a reward no xp)

play 50 levels in 1 day

Make a game
make 1 game
Treazer 2 months ago
  If you're happy with all the pictures, I can ask jp for implementing some.
Treazer 2 months ago
  Is this fine?

edit: This would also work, if you would want everything to be blue.

demonicyoshi 2 months ago
  maybe the 500 should be made from the green start tile, the blue finish, and the powered finish tiles.
Since the award is about finishing levels I think that makes sense
SimonM 2 months ago
  Maybe some more brighter colours?
Treazer 2 months ago
  Like this?

Also, "Pathfinder" would be a better name for the P4M award, I think.
gameinsky 2 months ago
  I think both 0's need to have the same colour for it to look good.
SuperMario 2 months ago

500 p4m lvls: mouse of all trades

2500 lvls in bb, bb2 and pi: nutty puzzler

10k approved: inheritor

1k official: pathfinder
Treazer 2 months ago
  OK, what colors do you suggest exactly?
gameinsky 2 months ago
  The P4M one could do with better colours
Treazer 3 months ago
  Okay, what are you talking about exactly?
Path 4 Mouse or the BB(2) and PI one? Or both?
What do you suggest?

I really like the RM image, btw :D
SimonM 3 months ago
  Images setup are good, but colour combinations can sometimes be improved.
Treazer 3 months ago
  Okay, I already made a few images:

Complete 300 levels of Ringmania 2.5!
EXP +50

Complete 500 levels of Path 4 Mouse!
EXP +100

Complete a combined number of 2500 levels in PI, BB and BB2. (at least 500 in every game)
EXP +150

Complete 5000 approved levels.
EXP +100

Complete 1000 official levels.
EXP +100

Some of the images might not be that good, but I think they're all OK. I especially like the ringmania one :)
kalina200 3 months ago
  level designer
make 50 approved levels and 3 official levels
award idea
super level designer
make 100 approved levels and 10 official levels

EXTREME level designer
make 250 approved levels and 30 official levels

First year
be registered on BL for 1 year

favorite Game
play 1 game 1000 times

Extra favorite Game
play 1 game 2500 times

Quick Level Create
make 5 levels in 1 day

play 1 game 5000 times

complete 3000 levels combined with all games

Super Gamer
complete 6000 levels combined with all games

complete 10000 levels combined with all games

complete all official levels of P4M,JG2 and RT

Super addicted
play 1 game 8500 times

anymore pic ideas
Treazer 3 months ago
  Okay, I agree.
Left are:
1. Bring 50 or more visitors to the site.
2. Make official levels in at least 3 (or 5?) different games.
3. Create 100 approved levels.
4. Create 1000 approved levels.
5. Complete 5000 approved levels.
6. Complete 1000 official levels.
7. Be registered for 1 (or 3, or 5?) years.
8. Score 1000 points on Wonderworks (Rolling Turtle).
9. Complete 300 levels of CDvZP.
10. Complete 500 levels of P4M.
11. Complete 300 levels of RM2.5.
12. Complete 400 levels of Push.
13. Complete 200 levels of CBCL.
14. Publish a game.
15. Complete a combined number of 2500 levels in PI, BB and BB2. (at least 500 in every game)
16. Make 3 (or 5?) official levels in the same game.

What about the others? No. 7, suggestion concerning the length? Same with no. 16.

We should also talk about exp rewards.
My suggestions:
1. 50 xp
3. 75 xp
5. 100 xp
6. 100 xp
7. 25 xp
8. 50 xp
9. 50 xp
10. 100 xp
11. 50 xp
12. 100 xp
13. 50 xp
14. no xp
15. 150 xp
16. 75 xp
SimonM 3 months ago
  Yeah, I think the official one can left out, as it is already an honour to get an official.
CamoDragoon 3 months ago
  Yes I also meant to touch on that as a potential idea Simon. And @Treazer I guess that's true. But how will anyone who doesn't have an official other than in PI get one in another game?...
SimonM 3 months ago
  Some of the disputable awards, one could get an award with 0 added experience points. Just for the honour.
Treazer 3 months ago
  I got officials in 5 different games (PI, P4M, JG2, RM, BB2), but only because I created levels in every game.
Nowadays it's nearly impossible to do that, I agree, but I think in 3 different games is a fair amount.
You'll still have the chance when Obscurity comes out and of course you mustn't be a new member, but you neither have to be a really old member.
CamoDragoon 3 months ago
  The only ones I don't like are #2 and #14. It's almost impossible to get a new official level in any game other than PI, and it's still hard in PI.

I don't know what the problem is with #4 GIS, other than that it seems a little high. I'd be ok with something like "create 400" or "create 500" approved levels, but I don't want to be elitist and ask for something really high that only a few designers have attained ;P
gamelover101 3 months ago
  I'd like to note that most of the pictures in the first post are broken, as Imageshack has killed off its free hosting. Hopefully there are backups. :/
alanliu12121 3 months ago
  Not sure if this is already a suggested idea but...
Jack Of All Trades:
Complete 100 levels in each of these games: Blockoban, Path 4 Mouse, Rolling Turtle, Jump Gear and Hog Pop!
150 EXP


First post of the topic

allyally 4 years ago
  Quoting allyally from New Awards 2
Award Ideas:
1) An Award for spending over 100 hours on the site. (50 EXP )
2) An Award for making 25 official levels. ( 150 EXP )
Suggested Image:

3) An Award for bringing 50 or more visitors on the site (not in 1 day). ( 100 EXP )
Suggested image:
5) An Award for making an official level at least in 3 differents games. ( 50 EXP )
Suggested image:
6) Veteran craftsman: An Award for making at least 100 accepted levels (combined with all games). ( 50 EXP )
Suggested image:
7) All-round Addict: complete 2000 levels (combined with all games)(150 exp?)
Suggested image:

8) Year of Faith: Stay active on BL for 1 year ( EXP+50 )
Suggested image:
9) Speed Shopper: SDMv2:Shopping (Captain Dan v Zombie Plan) in less than 200(?) seconds,
10) +Complete Climb That! (Moonlights) in under 150 moves, ( EXP+50 )
Suggested Image:

11) Cliff Lover: Complete Cliffrunner (Jump Gear 2) with more than 100,000 points. (EXP +50)
Suggested Image:

12) Sponsored Pusher: complete the level im getting sponsored (Push) in less than 10 seconds.
Suggested Image:

13)5 in 5 Officials: Create 5 official levels in 5 different Games. (EXP +100)

14)Stop The Sky: Complete The Level Falling Sky (BLockoban 2) In Less Than 10 Moves. (50 EXP)

15) Blockoban 2 Addict: Complete 300 Levels Of Blockoban 2. (can add this award later when there is more levels) (EXP +50)
Suggested Image:

16) Double Sided Dice- Complete a combined number of 1500 levels in both blockoban and blockoban 2. (at least 300 in one game)

18)Hedgehog Hater: Complete I Hate Hedgehogs Too (Rolling Turtle) with an score of 111 or more. ( EXP+75 )
Suggested image:

18) Rolling Wonderer: Score 1000 points on Wonderworks (Rolling Turtle) ( EXP+50 )
Suggested Image:

18) Monocled Maverick: Complete 400 levels of CDvZP ( EXP+100 )
Suggeted image:

19) Super Jailbreaker: Complete Out Of The Container (BLockoban) in 40 or less moves. ( EXP+50 )
Suggested Image:

20) Social gamer ( EXP+50 )
Create an accepted collaboration level
Suggested Image:

21) Turtle Sage ( EXP+75 )
Complete Beneath The Desert (Rolling Turtle), A little game (Rolling Turtle) & The Riddle (Rolling Turtle)!
Suggested Image:

General Award images:

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