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SuperMario 3 months ago
  Psychomaster, no one has completed 20000 levels before. Not even nelson90 has done that.
kalina200 3 months ago
  Athletic Cursor
Complete 500 levels in Path 4 Mouse!
EXP +100

is a good one
psychomaster 3 months ago
Complete at least 250 official levels across each game.
Exp: 125.
I cannot create an image.

Complete at least 500 official levels and 1,250 accepted levels across all games.
XP: 250
No image

Complete at least 1000 Officials, and 20000 Accepted levels across all games.
Exp: 500
No image.

Ordinary Zombiekiller
Complete 50 levels in Captain Dan Vs Zombie Plan
Exp: 20

Brutal Killer
Complete 125 levels in Captain Dan vs Zombie Plan
Exp: 75

Jump God
Complete 1,500 levels in Jump Gear 2!
Exp: 150
kalina200 3 months ago
  title:game mania
how to win:complete all the official levels on each game

title:half and half
how to win:complete 69 (50%) of JG2 levels
jake20056 5 months ago
TITLE:Great gear
HOW TO WIN:Complete Broken Bridge HSF (Jump Gear 2) with a score over 9000

TITLE:Comment poster
HOW TO WIN:post 1000 comments

TITLE:Beauty Man
HOW TO WIN:Complete Land of Beauty (Jump Gear 2) with a score of 230000 or more
Ferrari12 10 months ago
  I like the bottom one :) Marc should definately add an award like that!
Treazer 10 months ago
  I also made a few images for a P4M award:

Athletic Cursor
Complete 500 levels in Path 4 Mouse!
EXP +100

oldmanrob 10 months ago
  oh sorry my mistake. we don't have new colors at bb. the new colors are at pi. :[
Treazer 10 months ago
  What colors do you suggest? (also mention the order)
oldmanrob 10 months ago
  can you show us the second with the new colours? they may look less agressiv for the eyes.
Ferrari12 10 months ago
  Yes, it does :)
gameinsky 10 months ago
  The second one looks quite nice :)
Treazer 10 months ago
  I made something in a few minutes:

edit: Or maybe this:

gundu 10 months ago
  5000! O.o

Oh well, Im halfway done then xD
oldmtnguy 10 months ago
  I am going to try to implement a new award in Blockoban. This would be for completing 5000 levels +250 EXP. I would appreciate it if some of you designers would come up with an image that we could use. Please submit them here and then we'll go through the selection process. Oldmtnguy
kiethy342 10 months ago

Complete all of the official Ringmania 2.5 levels
psychomaster 11 months ago
  Designer Pro
Get on the designer's list for any game.

EXP +100

Player Pro

Get on the main top score list for any game.

EXP +100
Treazer 11 months ago
  And I also think that this would be a better achievement for Puzzle It:

Unknot Master
Complete Knotwork (Puzzle It) in less than 50 moves!
EXP +100
Treazer 11 months ago
  Only because you need to have less than 100 moves for the archery award in BB, it doesn't mean that it has to be the same for PI if an award for this level will ever exist.
I suggest less than 50 or 30 moves.

Complete "all" officials is not possible. You can only define a certain amount of officials.

"Top 10 of all game".
If you mean of at least one game, look below. And if you mean of all games... this would be totally useless and hard. Not even Gary would get this award (his worst ranking is rank 25).

Making a public game already rewards you with 100 EXP...
And submitting a game is not hard, many noobs do that who can't even make games. An award for this would be very silly.
ThisIsMyUsername 11 months ago
  - Complete the level ArcheryIt (Puzzle It) in <100 moves
100 EXP

- Complete all official levels in a game
100 EXP

- Top 10 of all game
250 EXP

- Design a game
100 EXP

- Publish the game
250 EXP
Treazer 11 months ago
- Get an average rating of at least 4.75/5 for your levels on at least one game.
100 EXP

- Get an average rating of at least 4.5/5 for your levels on at least one game.
50 EXP

- Be the first of a game.
250 EXP

- Get into the top 5 of a game.
175 EXP

- Get into the top 10 of a game.
100 EXP
jake20056 1 year ago
  on Land of Beauty (Jump Gear 2)

Super gold:get 215.000 points or more-EXP+175
gold:get 185.000 points or more-EXP+150
silver:get 150.000 points or more-EXP+100
Bronze:get 120.000 points or more-EXP+50
Could do better:get 075.000 points ore more-EXP+25

No ider for names on thease ones

1)play all official games-EXP+3
2)play 12 games-EXP+100
3)play 150 levels-EXP+50
4)play 300 levels-EXP+100
5)play 600 levels-EXP+150
6)play 1200 levels-EXP+250
7)play 2400 levels-EXP+500
8)play 4800 levels-EXP+1000
9)play 9600 levels-EXP+2500
10)play 19200 levels-EXP+5000
11)play 38400 levels-EXP+12500
12)play 76800 levels-EXP+25000
13)play 100.000 levels-EXP+50000
14)make 50 accept levels-EXP+100

Top 100 players i a game awards:

To get super gold be rank 1 in a game.In super gold you get 2 medels (Gold and silver) and also 750 exp

to get gold be rank 2-20 and you get a gold medel and 500 exp

to get silver be rank 21-50 and you get a silver medel and 250 exp

to get a bronze medel be rank 51-100 and you will get a bronze medel and 100 exp.
gameinsky 1 year ago
  well, that's a 420 exp on me.
jake20056 1 year ago
  What about on level hook the hook(Jump Gear 2):

Super gold:Get a score of 110.000 or more-EXP+150
Gold:Get a score of 90.000 or more-EXP+120
Silver:Get a score of 80.000 or more-EXP+100
Bronze:get a score of 65.000 or more-EXP+50
gundu 1 year ago
  I kind of got an idea

What if we reward the top 10 players in a game. Since getting the first is kinda hard (and can obviously only have one) you get an extra 500 exp + a gold medal on your profile (You can stack them if you are first in more than 1 game) but if you lose your first place you lose your medal AND your exp. The 2nd player could get a silver medal and 250 Exp. The third one: a bronze medal and 150 Exp. And finally the 4th-10th players will get a participation(?) medal and 50 Exp.

The display of these medals could be just under your Age, country, website section in your profile page and there'll be a picture of a gold medal followed by the number of gold medal you have, then a picture of a silver medal followed by the number of silver medal you have and so on...

If this ever get implented this will encourage people to play games and improve their scores and will also create some friendly competitions
gamelover101 1 year ago
  Why would you get an award for rating levels? That's just gonna lead to rate spamming and abuse. Also, I don't think finishing all levels in any game is a valid award, because officials change over time.
neoseanner 1 year ago
  top rater : rate over 250 levels ( exp + 20 )
best rater : rate over 500 levels ( exp +50 )
ultimate rater : rate over 1000 levels ( exp +100 )
level factory : create 1000 accepted level ( exp +100 )
hog pop guru : finished all official level in hog pop ( exp + 100 )
that's what i got
SimonM 1 year ago
  Jake, it's extremely difficult to get in top 20 of every game. I once managed to get in top 40 of all games, but I got passed by other people. So I suggest to change the award to get in top 100 in each official game.
jake20056 1 year ago
  1)Game Player
Become rank 1-80 on eny game


2)Super gamer
complete 10000 levles on eny game

alanliu12121 1 year ago
  That's impossible.


First post of the topic

allyally 4 years ago
  Quoting allyally from New Awards 2
Award Ideas:
1) An Award for spending over 100 hours on the site. (50 EXP )
2) An Award for making 25 official levels. ( 150 EXP )
Suggested Image:

3) An Award for bringing 50 or more visitors on the site (not in 1 day). ( 100 EXP )
Suggested image:
5) An Award for making an official level at least in 3 differents games. ( 50 EXP )
Suggested image:
6) Veteran craftsman: An Award for making at least 100 accepted levels (combined with all games). ( 50 EXP )
Suggested image:
7) All-round Addict: complete 2000 levels (combined with all games)(150 exp?)
Suggested image:

8) Year of Faith: Stay active on BL for 1 year ( EXP+50 )
Suggested image:
9) Speed Shopper: SDMv2:Shopping (Captain Dan v Zombie Plan) in less than 200(?) seconds,
10) +Complete Climb That! (Moonlights) in under 150 moves, ( EXP+50 )
Suggested Image:

11) Cliff Lover: Complete Cliffrunner (Jump Gear 2) with more than 100,000 points. (EXP +50)
Suggested Image:

12) Sponsored Pusher: complete the level im getting sponsored (Push) in less than 10 seconds.
Suggested Image:

13)5 in 5 Officials: Create 5 official levels in 5 different Games. (EXP +100)

14)Stop The Sky: Complete The Level Falling Sky (BLockoban 2) In Less Than 10 Moves. (50 EXP)

15) Blockoban 2 Addict: Complete 300 Levels Of Blockoban 2. (can add this award later when there is more levels) (EXP +50)
Suggested Image:

16) Double Sided Dice- Complete a combined number of 1500 levels in both blockoban and blockoban 2. (at least 300 in one game)

18)Hedgehog Hater: Complete I Hate Hedgehogs Too (Rolling Turtle) with an score of 111 or more. ( EXP+75 )
Suggested image:

18) Rolling Wonderer: Score 1000 points on Wonderworks (Rolling Turtle) ( EXP+50 )
Suggested Image:

18) Monocled Maverick: Complete 400 levels of CDvZP ( EXP+100 )
Suggeted image:

19) Super Jailbreaker: Complete Out Of The Container (BLockoban) in 40 or less moves. ( EXP+50 )
Suggested Image:

20) Social gamer ( EXP+50 )
Create an accepted collaboration level
Suggested Image:

21) Turtle Sage ( EXP+75 )
Complete Beneath The Desert (Rolling Turtle), A little game (Rolling Turtle) & The Riddle (Rolling Turtle)!
Suggested Image:

General Award images:

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