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Treazer 4 hours ago
  You probably didn't implement global awards, jp. :(

Anyway, glad we can finally see all of our awards, thanks. :)
Regarding the experience problem, I can count my points later and check, because I have more than 30 as well.
SimonM 4 hours ago
  I'm absolutely sure: I've counted my expected experience points:
from made levels: 2135
from awards 2866
from levels completed: 18016
from game mades: 100
from referral link: 5

That's a total of 23122 xp without even counting the rating xp. At the time of counting my profile shows 22712 xp.
That's a difference of 410 xp.

I had 8 awards of a total of 700xp not showing on my profile before the bug fix.
Now if you take rating xp in account: I would need to have rated 10100 levels to have 290 xp(700-410). I don't know if I rated so much, but I've rated a lot of levels. You(jp) might be able to look up how many levels I rate. I rate almost every level I play. So a ratio of 10100/18016 = 56% rating is not unexpected. So the loss of experience points is highly probable due the not showing of the awards.

I did the countings after the fix. (also before, but didn't save those countings, but they were similar)
jp 5 hours ago
  re you absolutely sure that the hidden awards result in a loss of experience points? Who reported this? Anyway, this is fixed, now it's limited to 500 awards, I hope it's enough :)

For the global awards, who has the necessary number of levels and didn't get the awards? Actually I'm not even sure the global awards have been implemented, I would have time to fix them, but not to implement them I think.
SuperDog 2 months ago
  I can't help but notice that in the first post there is no #4, no #17 and 3 #18s...
SimonM 2 months ago
  Yeah, I should have been level 70 by now :) At first I wasn't sure if I was losing xp, but after the new awards, I wrote down my exp points, and checked after getting an award.
gundu 2 months ago
  So, you lost exp? I lost some too but I didn't know if it was real or just me imagining things
Treazer 2 months ago
  I thought the same, Simon. I contacted jp a few days ago, waiting for his reply.

@ jp
Issues to be resolved:

1. The award section on one's profile only shows up to 30 awards.

1.1 The experience of the hidden awards might be lost, since some users reported a loss of experience points.

2. Nobody got the global awards to complete 5000 approved/1000 official levels yet.
SimonM 2 months ago
  Treazer, could this be the cause for the fall in experience points for me? And probably for people that have more than 30 awards.
demonicyoshi 2 months ago
  I think awards from contests should be placed on the top of your award list, since those are the biggest acomplishments.
Treazer 2 months ago
  There's another problem; the award page on one's profile currently only shows up to 30 awards.

I already contacted jp to resolve this issue.
Treazer 2 months ago
  Nobody got them yet, I thought the same. It's probably a bug or something similar, because these are the first global level completion awards.
Ferrari12 2 months ago
  Has anybody gotten the Pro Gamer and Completion Addict awards yet? To get the other awards it was enough for me to improve my score/complete a new level, but that does not seem to be the case with these two. Is this something to worry about, or is it just that the delay is very long?
kalina200 2 months ago
  I got a few :)

Name: All official

Task: Complete all official levels on Blockoban

EXP: +50

Treazer 2 months ago
  Thank you very much, jp! :D I'm glad to see tons of new awards here at BL. :)
jp 2 months ago
  Hey, great achievements, thank you for providing all assets needed.
I've added them all except for "Treble Trouble" which is not technically possible right now.

For those who already should have the awards, I'm not sure how that will work. Some awards will be attributed with a delay, and some awards will be attributed only if you complete a new level. for example if you have already completed 1000 official levels on a game, and you don't see the "Pro gamer" award, try to complete a new official level, or improve your score on an official level, that should work.
Treazer 1 year ago
  Oh yeah, silly me^^
Luckily, I only had to mirror the 5 :)
gameinsky 1 year ago
  The CoBaCoLi award shows 500...
Treazer 1 year ago
Complete 300 levels of Ringmania 2.5!
EXP +50

Athletic Cursor
Complete 500 levels of Path 4 Mouse!
EXP +100

Treble Trouble
Complete a combined number of 2500 levels in PI, BB and BB2. (at least 500 in every game)
EXP +150

Completion Addict
Complete 5000 approved levels.
EXP +100

Pro Gamer
Complete 1000 official levels.
EXP +100

Passion for Detail
Score 1000 points on Wonderworks (Rolling Turtle).
EXP +50

Design Master
Create 100 approved levels.
EXP +75

reaching the sun
Complete 400 levels of Push!
EXP +100

Angle Genius
Complete 200 levels of CoBaCoLi!
EXP +50

Complete 300 levels of CDvZP!
EXP +50

These are all the awards for now. I'll contact jp asap. :)

@ jp
There's a spelling mistake in the level id in demonicyoshi's medal from the summer contest (it should be 33998).
CamoDragoon 1 year ago
  My statement still stands. He was referencing the kalina post (saying the level 50 and level 70 awards are good I believe) but then explained why he didn't like the others.
Treazer 1 year ago
  I mean his first sentence, though.
CamoDragoon 1 year ago
  @Treazer, I think GIS was talking about kalina's post. And I agree with his statements, other than the fact that he said "150 levels in a day" when (whether through a misread or an edited comment) kalina said 50.
Treazer 1 year ago
  Were you talking about the pictures I made or the suggestions by kalina?

I can make new images for the 5k and 1k awards, what do you suggest?
gameinsky 1 year ago
  I like the level awards, all the other awards are bad in design.

The first one forces you to start spamming.
The second one is almost impossible.
Playing 150 levels in a day is quite a lot, and frankly too much. It's also not a clever award idea.
kalina200 1 year ago
post 100 comments in a day

be Rank 1 in 1 game

Great BL player
Reach level 50 on BL
EXP+0 (just a reward no xp)

Super BL player
Reach level 70 on BL
EXP+0 (just a reward no xp)

play 50 levels in 1 day

Make a game
make 1 game
Treazer 1 year ago
  If you're happy with all the pictures, I can ask jp for implementing some.
Treazer 1 year ago
  Is this fine?

edit: This would also work, if you would want everything to be blue.

demonicyoshi 1 year ago
  maybe the 500 should be made from the green start tile, the blue finish, and the powered finish tiles.
Since the award is about finishing levels I think that makes sense
SimonM 1 year ago
  Maybe some more brighter colours?
Treazer 1 year ago
  Like this?

Also, "Pathfinder" would be a better name for the P4M award, I think.
gameinsky 1 year ago
  I think both 0's need to have the same colour for it to look good.


First post of the topic

allyally 5 years ago
  Quoting allyally from New Awards 2
Award Ideas:
1) An Award for spending over 100 hours on the site. (50 EXP )
2) An Award for making 25 official levels. ( 150 EXP )
Suggested Image:

3) An Award for bringing 50 or more visitors on the site (not in 1 day). ( 100 EXP )
Suggested image:
5) An Award for making an official level at least in 3 differents games. ( 50 EXP )
Suggested image:
6) Veteran craftsman: An Award for making at least 100 accepted levels (combined with all games). ( 50 EXP )
Suggested image:
7) All-round Addict: complete 2000 levels (combined with all games)(150 exp?)
Suggested image:

8) Year of Faith: Stay active on BL for 1 year ( EXP+50 )
Suggested image:
9) Speed Shopper: SDMv2:Shopping (Captain Dan v Zombie Plan) in less than 200(?) seconds,
10) +Complete Climb That! (Moonlights) in under 150 moves, ( EXP+50 )
Suggested Image:

11) Cliff Lover: Complete Cliffrunner (Jump Gear 2) with more than 100,000 points. (EXP +50)
Suggested Image:

12) Sponsored Pusher: complete the level im getting sponsored (Push) in less than 10 seconds.
Suggested Image:

13)5 in 5 Officials: Create 5 official levels in 5 different Games. (EXP +100)

14)Stop The Sky: Complete The Level Falling Sky (BLockoban 2) In Less Than 10 Moves. (50 EXP)

15) Blockoban 2 Addict: Complete 300 Levels Of Blockoban 2. (can add this award later when there is more levels) (EXP +50)
Suggested Image:

16) Double Sided Dice- Complete a combined number of 1500 levels in both blockoban and blockoban 2. (at least 300 in one game)

18)Hedgehog Hater: Complete I Hate Hedgehogs Too (Rolling Turtle) with an score of 111 or more. ( EXP+75 )
Suggested image:

18) Rolling Wonderer: Score 1000 points on Wonderworks (Rolling Turtle) ( EXP+50 )
Suggested Image:

18) Monocled Maverick: Complete 400 levels of CDvZP ( EXP+100 )
Suggeted image:

19) Super Jailbreaker: Complete Out Of The Container (BLockoban) in 40 or less moves. ( EXP+50 )
Suggested Image:

20) Social gamer ( EXP+50 )
Create an accepted collaboration level
Suggested Image:

21) Turtle Sage ( EXP+75 )
Complete Beneath The Desert (Rolling Turtle), A little game (Rolling Turtle) & The Riddle (Rolling Turtle)!
Suggested Image:

General Award images:

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