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Topic, New Contest Coming!

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SimonM 3 years ago
  I vote for apocalyptic collab!!!
Ferrari12 3 years ago
  Here is a list of those who voted collab contest before, they might have changed opinion though.

OliAli 3 years ago
  Collab Contest ^^
SimonM 3 years ago
  no, maybe they want a apocalyptic (collab) contest
Ferrari12 3 years ago
  collab contest have got 14 votes. Check my topic: Who votes for collab contest?
demonicyoshi 3 years ago
  So here are the votes:

Collab contest = 1
Apocalypse contest = 0
Apocalyptic Collab Contest= 2
Money666 3 years ago
  Collab contest
Sillius 3 years ago
  I concur! :D
demonicyoshi 3 years ago
  I vote for the Apocalyptic collab contest.
SuperDog 3 years ago
  Collab contest = boo
Apocalypse contest = maybe
IDK = definately
demonicyoshi 3 years ago
  So whats the new contest going to be? Collab contest or apocalypse contest?

Or Maybe we could merge them!!!!

We could have an Apocalyptic Collab contest.
"What happens when two great designers collide? The end of BonusLevel as we Know it! Join the 2010 Appocalyptic Collab contest today, and find out what all the hype is about."
gamelover101 4 years ago
  i like both of them
Ahroo 4 years ago
  Which one, SD's? :p
gameinsky 4 years ago
  contest are to push people to make good level... that soundslike the best idea ever ._.
SuperDog 4 years ago
  I haz a great idea - the worst level contest!!!
Ahroo 4 years ago
  Indeed... I could make the best one, hands down. xP

I still want Epic Level Spam Week 2010... :/


Basically, you try to make as many EPIC levels as you can within a week, and the winner will be decided based on a mix of the quality and quantity of the level/s! :D
Sillius 4 years ago
  Apocalypse Contest sounds like a great idea :)
allyally 4 years ago
  I was think maybe a city contest, Story contest, Apocalypse contest. Just ideas,
Ferrari12 4 years ago
  When will the next contest be?? And what type of contest?? I've scrambled together 16 votes for a new collab contest.
Ahroo 4 years ago
  ... Except Canabalt isn't a loop. :/
AK 4 years ago
  That's how I made Canabalt......
Ahroo 4 years ago
  Ahh... I see. >:D

the rest of the stage moves in a conveyor while you stay still. A perfect way to have a finish without a hassle! I are shmart. :p
demonicyoshi 4 years ago
  in my level its not a glich ahroo...

But it is infinate. i garentee that. (Even the counter is infinate, after 9999 seconds it resets.)
Ahroo 4 years ago
  That's only because YOU have one that counts the time you've survived. >:p

You were able to make it infinite using that pathing system glitch you found, didn't you? >:D
demonicyoshi 4 years ago
  how about an elevator level? everyone has to make an elevator level, best one wins!
chris3000 4 years ago
  haha that's good, but i'm not going to enter, xP

unless you made it the hedgehog contest because i put a bunch of hedgehogs in my levels
Ahroo 4 years ago
  I just got an Idea from the Topic to chat with Ahroo... >:3


Basically, you try to make as many EPIC levels as you can within a week, and the winner will be decided based on a mix of the quality and quantity of the level/s! :D
joe45 4 years ago
  AK, I already came up with that idea.
SimonM 4 years ago
  Im, That's a good idea
AK 4 years ago
  LOL I have a great idea.

BG Contest.
The winner goes to the person with the most incredible BG level.

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oh_bebe 5 years ago
  There has been a lot of ideas lately for a new competition, but there can only be one going on at a time. Vote for your favorite idea or discuss new ideas for a contest.
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