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Topic, New Contest Coming!

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gameinsky 5 years ago
  We can enable collabs :))
But the previous level was collab already.
I bet the next contest will be christmas cotest 2010, it will be a little hard since for most people the since the christmas exam-period will start soon.
Ferrari12 5 years ago
  Can we have a new collab contest?
Daft_Punk 5 years ago
  Yes, Ahroo, you did make a good entry :)

huh, I really don't have any ideas for a Christmas level...I still have time to think.
Ahroo 5 years ago
  Most likely... I LOVED my christmas contest entry last time. :'D
Elizea 5 years ago
  After the Apocalypse contest will most probably be Christmas contest 2010 =]
Daft_Punk 5 years ago
  I think there should be a Halloween contest when we get closer to th 31st
MarioIsFireball10 6 years ago
  I want a Apocalyptic Collab.
Ahroo 6 years ago
  @GIS, D:

allyally, you already find a partner for the contest if it wins? D:
gameinsky 6 years ago
  actualy it was supposed to be chose a theme, collab is allowed.
But do whatever you want.
demonicyoshi 6 years ago
  So here are the votes:

Collab contest = 3
Apocalypse contest = 1
Apocalyptic Collab Contest= 5

@chris- An apocalyspe theame could be related to haloween.
chris3000 6 years ago
  what about a halloween contest? that would be great since october is around
allyally 6 years ago
  Well, I don't think they should end! All the best levels in BL have come out of contests! Euphoria? collab. Vancouver mayhem? Winter Olympics. Atherea Trilogy? Trilogy contest. Get the point?
gameinsky 6 years ago
  @ Ahroo
I lost total motivation into making levels, and I don't want to do anything about the next contest.
Point out, this can't be changed.
This means that you'll have to make your boss i a level you make completely yourself.
allyally 6 years ago
  'End of the world' type theme,
Ferrari12 6 years ago
  What's the definition of an epocalyptic collab contest?
lololol 6 years ago
  Apocalyptic Collab Contest!
gamelover101 6 years ago
  Apocalypse contest is my vote!
Ahroo 6 years ago
  Yaaay. :D
demonicyoshi 6 years ago
  So here are the votes:

Collab contest = 3
Apocalypse contest = 0
Apocalyptic Collab Contest= 4
AK 6 years ago
  Collab contest!!!!
Ahroo 6 years ago
  Contests are a part of BL, chris. they encourage people to make more levels. :p

They'll never end. :p
chris3000 6 years ago
  how many more contests are you guys going to do? i'm kinda getting tired of them, i don't win anyways
Ahroo 6 years ago
  Apocalyptic Collab contest, I have the perfect idea, too... >:3

GIS, you up for a collab if the contest goes up? :p
SimonM 6 years ago
  I vote for apocalyptic collab!!!
Ferrari12 6 years ago
  Here is a list of those who voted collab contest before, they might have changed opinion though.

OliAli 6 years ago
  Collab Contest ^^
SimonM 6 years ago
  no, maybe they want a apocalyptic (collab) contest
Ferrari12 6 years ago
  collab contest have got 14 votes. Check my topic: Who votes for collab contest?
demonicyoshi 6 years ago
  So here are the votes:

Collab contest = 1
Apocalypse contest = 0
Apocalyptic Collab Contest= 2
Money666 6 years ago
  Collab contest

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oh_bebe 7 years ago
  There has been a lot of ideas lately for a new competition, but there can only be one going on at a time. Vote for your favorite idea or discuss new ideas for a contest.
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